EcoVadis bronze medal for Etisoft!

9 Feb 2024 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

EcoVadis, the international rating platform, has once again evaluated Etisoft in terms of its sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethics and environmental activities. We are proud to announce that we have […]


EcoVadis bronze medal for Etisoft!

15 May 2023 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

The results of the EcoVadis certification show Etisoft’s commitment to issues of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and environmental protection. This year we once again received a rating for […]


We help as much as we can

21 Jul 2022 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

Our company is not indifferent to the fate of the fighting Ukraine and the citizens of this country. Since the beginning of warfare, we have joined in to provide help, […]



25 Feb 2022

 We are all trying to find ourselves in a new reality – Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. It is difficult for us to comprehend and understand that and settle our emotions […]


Etisoft awarded by 3M

4 Nov 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

3M, which is our long-standing supplier of self-adhesive materials and business partner, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. During a festive gala in Warsaw the […]

Szara Gliwice

Sepia-coloured Szara Street

27 Sep 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

This year marks two anniversaries connected with the buildings where most of our staff work every day. We moved from Łużycka Street to 21 Szara Street fifteen years ago. And […]

etykiety z certyfikatem fsc

FSC certified labels

9 Aug 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

A characteristic tree-shaped mark – FSC® (Forecast Stewardship Council) – can be seen on thousands of products all over the world. It is a mark informing that the raw material […]

Etisoft Hungary, Etisoft Węgry

New hungarian website

21 Jul 2021

As from November 2020 Etisoft has a new design we also re-structured our Hungarian website. We are happy to announce that new webpage is available. Easier to find information about […]

składakiem przez polskę

Across Poland on a folding bike

12 Jul 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

The life motto of Karolina Kornaga, our colleague from Graffiti Studio, is: “A person who doesn’t risk, doesn’t know if it was worth it.” Karolina has already set off on […]

wózek AGV, pojazd AGV, pojazd samojezdny

AGV supports transport at Etisoft

21 Apr 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

It’s called Intrabot and only recently has it begun to move along a designated route in the Etisoft’s production halls in ul. Sowinskiego. The AGV/AMR type vehicle designed by our […]


Adam’s photos in PhotoVogue!

6 Apr 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

The photos taken by our friend Adam Jeżewski underwent a rigorous selection and were featured on PhotoVogue, a website dedicated to photography. It’s a part of the Italian website of […]

Etisoft wspiera poetów, Szkoła Podstawowa nr 30 w Zabrzu, Antologia Poezji Dziecięcej i Młodzieżowej, #EtisoftZnaczyLudzie, #EtisoftZnaczyWiecej

Etisoft supports young poets

3 Feb 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

“Follow your dreams” “Because young people only spend time on the Internet” … Does it sound familiar to you? Against stereotypes – not only, and the world of young people’s […]

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