We have been awarded a distinction in the ‘Family Friendly Company / Human Friendly Company’ competition! Because #EtisoftItMeansPeople!

11 Oct 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

Etisoft has been awarded a distinction in the ‘Family Friendly Company / Human Friendly Company’ competition organised by the Humanites Institute! Based on the competition results, a report of Good Employer Practices in 2021-2022 was prepared. Our company was also mentioned in it.

We share in it a description of practices and activities which we carry out and which are part of the philosophy of well-being and supporting employees in combining their professional and private roles. This means, above all, creating conditions for self-realisation and sports activity concentrated in several thriving sports groups (cycling, running, skiing, fishing, sailing…).

Etisoft firma przyjazna

The description of the implemented activities was completed with employee surveys conducted among our employees and concerning assessment of employer’s activities.

Let us also add that the post-competition report related directly to our company shows that in almost every category Etisoft attempts to meet the needs of employees equally or better than other companies in the industry and large companies.

The areas assessed in the competition included:

  • strategic approach towards employment and staff development policies
  • flexible work organisation solutions supporting the integration of family and professional life
  • care for the well-being and satisfaction of employees.

It is worth mentioning that in our category of companies (employing more than 250 people) we competed against well-known international brands. Companies from 11 industries employing 64,000 people participated in the ‘Family Friendly Company/Human Friendly Company’ competition.

That is why the award received makes us even happier! Thank you!


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