About Etisoft

More than 25 years on the market is a continued development of Etisoft  aimed at meeting the needs of our customers within the scope of marking and automatic identification of products. Comprehensive service of corporate clients and dynamic development have established our position of a qualified global supplier of labels and functional elements for many industries. The implemented service models make it possible to adapt the principles of cooperation to each kind of customers, also within the scope of consolidation of deliveries of products to customer’s factories located in many places all over the world. The changing market and expectations of our customers gave us a stimulus to develop and build competences related to process automation. We’re successfully extending our offer with new Auto ID devices, label application systems, AGV-based intralogistic systems, vision systems and solutions within the scope of the RFID technology.

From labels to Industry 4.0

Our vision

Etisoft is a recognised brand and technologically mature enterprise on the market of manufacturers and suppliers of labels and functional elements for many industries. It’s the label that performs a role of an information carrier in the solutions within the scope of industrial automatics and in the systems supporting production automation offered by us.  We share knowledge and experience with our customers. We are inspired by their needs, thanks to which we are becoming better and better and more versatile while extending the portfolio of our products. We connect our future both with development which will enable us to maintain the position of a modern and responsible label supplier and with products which will let us, and our customers reach a level of an Industry 4.0 enterprise.

Safe cooperation - continued development

Our mission

While building a strong Etisoft brand we place a lot of emphasis on stable and long-term cooperation with our customers, suppliers – Partners. The cooperation we offer is based on technological safety and a guarantee of appropriate manufacturing capacity through investments in a machine park, new technologies and development of competences and skills of our staff which consists of 400 people. The partnership-based relationships with our largest suppliers ensure production continuity and meeting delivery dates and guarantee constant high quality of offered products. It’s proven by numerous certificates. A broad portfolio of products, clear principles of cooperation and comprehensive service cause Etisoft to be regarded as a trustworthy and safe employer and a reliable partner in business.

Company is people

A team consisting of 400 qualified employees who work together for the success of the enterprise is the greatest asset of our company. Our team consists of experts and high-class specialists from many branches who, with full responsibility, make sure that each stage of task implementation is conducted with due diligence and on time. We create a team, which is open and able to face every challenge concerning customer service, logistics, technology, production or R&D.

We focus on people who want to develop and educate themselves. We make a clear career path. We conduct employees’ trainings on a regular basis which improve their qualifications. Each employee has the right to suggest changes aiming at the improvement of work. Thanks to such actions many technology improvement applications have already been brought into force while facilitating daily as well as long-term functioning of our company. Together we enjoy all the successes of our employees, support their passions, building sports teams and initiatives aimed at local communities which they initiate.


Etisoft means experience

Etisoft has become a prised brand which is recognised on the Polish and European markets thanks to its presence in the branch of automatic identification products since 1993. We consistently use the experience we’ve been gaining for years to create new product groups. We are systematically broadening our offer by new kinds of labels and functional elements, additionally enriching it with innovative systems and solutions for Industry 4.0. It’s possible thanks to a professional and qualified team with many years of experience which provides our business partners with a sense of security with a simultaneous participation in the development process we constantly experience.


ETIMARK GLIWICE Company establishment, authorized distributor of 3M adhesive labels
Start cooperation with CITIZEN, a manufacturer of thermal transfer printers

Purchase of first die cutting machine and start of labels production
Introduction of RICOH thermal transfer ribbons

Purchase of first die cutting machine and start of labels production
Establishment of a branch in Warsaw
Change the company name from Etimark on Etisoft

Establishment of Etisoft Cracow
Launch of SONY thermal transfer ribbons

The purchase of slitter for thermal transfer ribbons
Implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance to PN-EN ISO 9001

Establishment of Etisoft in Czech Republic
Launch of IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons

The Transformation of the Company into a Etisoft Ltd.
Establishment of Etisoft in Germany
Extension of the Quality Management System in according to PN-EN ISO 9001 for the production of labels
New headquarters on Szara 21 Street

Expansion of the machinery range, increase of production capacity, new machines for digital printing and laser cutting, increased number of offered products
Establishment of branch in Ukraine

Establishment of Etisoft Slovakia

Implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 14001:2004

Implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 14001:2004
Establishment of another branch in Denmark (Etisoft Nordic)
New production plant and high storage warehouse in Gliwice at Sowińskiego Street

Establishment of Etisoft Packaging Systems - company producing corrugated boxes

Establishment of the Polish-American company MacArthur-Etisoft, which consolidates deliveries in EMEA and North America regions
Implementation of a new ERP system supporting management of the company
Introduction of Citizen Consumables Program in EMEA region
Loxee Company establishment
Etisoft Smart Solutions establishment
A new warehouse opened at Segro Tulipan Park in Gliwice

IQMS recertification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
Obtaining the IATF 16949:2016 certification
Establishment of Etisoft Hungary

Announcement of the strategy of the Etisoft brand combined with rebranding

Introduction of innovative self-adhesive masks and protective visors to the market
Launching an online store

Not only business


In order to operate in a transparent manner and in accordance with national law we proceeded to the program established by the organization of the United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest initiative for corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Therefore we have committed ourselves to respect the fundamental principles of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. Our priority is to provide employees with optimal working conditions and respect for human rights and equality. We are aware of our responsibility for the impact of business activities on the environment, so for years, we are focused on the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Social Activity

We support a number of projects related to the development of culture, art and education of young and talented people. We engage in charity aimed at helping those most in need. These actions are taken both under the auspices of our company, and organized individually by our staff. For years we unite in “Noble Package” action. We subsidize sports activities for children and youth. We actively support sport, sailing and kiteboarding teams.


We responsibly and consciously shape the relationship between running a business and concern for the environment. We conduct research, analyze their impact on the environment and carry out tasks for its protection. We improve the qualifications of workers and their awareness related to minimizing the negative impact on the environment.
We also support responsible timber harvesting by using FSC-certified paper for label production. This means that it was not produced at the expense of the forest, animals, plants, or people whose existence depends on them. The worldwide recognizable logo FSC is accompanied by our slogan that is extremely close to our hearts: “Let’s take care of forests. Ask for FSC certified products in our offer.”

People with passion

Etisoft employees are people with passions and interests which they develop in their free time. In our company there are avid sportspeople, bike, running and climbing afficionados, sailors, surfers and blues musicians. Etisoft supports them in reaching their goals by forming its own football team, bike, running, skiing and kitesurfing teams.


Founder of the Silesian Explorers – a group exploring desert and not overwhelmed by tourists places, and abandoned facilities. He works in Procurement Department.


A professional graphic designer / technologist. Privately a bluesman, guitarist and co-founder of Black Amber and Around The Blues bands. He has performer at major blues festivals in Poland.


One of the founders of the Etisoft Running Team, has three half-marathons to his credit. A fan of running, photography and wandering around the most beautiful parts of the United States. He works in Etisoft as the shift manager in the Production Department.


As a member of “MIG” the Deaf Sports Association she practices curling, also called the chess on ice. She successfully trains basketball and volleyball. In Etisoft works as an confectionary machine operator.


Professionally a graphic designer. Privately the extreme water sport enthsiast, a member of Etisoft Kite Team.


He works in the sales department of Etisoft Kraków, and in free time he plays the clarinet in the LajkFolk band.


Volcanic energy and good humor, loves Nordic Walking. Her success is to conquer, with her poles, the half-marathon route. In Etisoft in Invoicing Department.


Professionally product manager, employee of R&D department. Privately he is a powerhouse – enthusiast of rock climbing, mountain climbing and cycling.


Works in the Sales Department - Automotive. She's always smiling, full of energy, and solves all difficult tasks. She spends her free time in an active way; cycling, sailing, and kitesurfing are her passions.


Olimpia is an administration department manager, very busy on a daily basis. She rides a horse in her free time.


In the supply of raw materials and equipment we cooperate with the world's largest producers. As a result, we are able to guarantee security of supply and consistently high quality of delivered products.At the same time our specialists test the latest hardware and look for innovative technologies to meet all the requirements of our customers.


Our customers are market-leading companies from such industries as automotive, electronic, household appliances, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, FMCG, and many others. Currently, there are over 1800 active customers in a systematically growing base which is being extended by the representatives of other industries. It motivates us to continually extend the portfolio of products and search for new solutions. We supply customers who have their headquarters all over the world with goods and products. Our customers are multi-branch corporations, which we serve according to the established business and logistic solutions adapted to their specificity.
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