Etisoft again with the Highest Quality HR certificate!

14 Mar 2024 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

For the third time, Etisoft was among the companies awarded the Highest Quality HR certificate awarded by the Polish Human Resources Management Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zarządzania Kadrami – PSZK). This prestigious distinction is proof of our commitment to improving HR processes and caring for employee well-being. Certificates are awarded once a year as part of a survey covering all HR processes and after an analysis of a selected HR project.

Read what project it was 👉

Last year, we focused on a wellbeing project that aimed to support the work-life balance of our employees. It was primarily the readiness to share the conclusions drawn from its implementation that was taken into account during certification. We used a variety of tools to implement the project in order to build awareness in this area as fully as possible. We share our experiences and conclusions with other PSZK members to help them take more conscious actions related to employee well-being.

The resulting lessons learned also support us – we know what to do to accurately tailor proposals addressed to employees in the future. The “Highest Quality HR” certificate confirms that our activities are well assessed. Together with other award-winning employers, we set trends and promote high standards of human resources management in Poland. We would like to thank PSZK for this distinction, which motivates us to further improve and take care of our employees.

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