Colour label printers

Inkjet and laser printers allow you to print colour labels and variable information on demand, i.e., without preparing printing plates. Thanks to them, manufacturers and retailers can print high-quality colour stickers as needed. Self-printing of colour labels with any graphic design enables you to reduce the cost of keeping a (...)

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Color label printers – quality, efficiency, and savings

Color label printers are devices that are more and more frequently used by entrepreneurs – manufacturers, and vendors. No wonder – they are easy to use, efficient, and bring plenty of benefits. A color label printer makes it possible to print and label your own products efficiently. It is used in many industries for color labeling of customized products, limited editions, and when label designs change frequently.

Modern color label printers provide high-quality printed elements such as graphics, photos, and logos. Preparing label designs and printing them using your own color label printer is a cheaper option compared to outsourcing.

Color label printers – technology

A color label printer works just like a traditional printer, but instead of printing on a piece of paper, it prints on self-adhesive labels, applying a specific amount of color ink to them. Color sticker printers most often use inkjet printing, which relies on pigment inks that feature fade and water resistance, which is extremely important. Labels printed using a color inkjet printer are very aesthetic, have strong, vivid colors, and their quality does not vary from labels printed in a printing house. And in addition to all this, label printers guarantee high print speed. An inkjet color printer can print on paper and synthetic labels.

Printers for color self-adhesive labels – where are they most often used?

Color printers are most often used in production plants, garden stores, florists, and coffee roasting plants. They make it possible to print aesthetic, visually attractive labels, which is of great importance from a marketing point of view and is conducive to building brand image and distinguishing the product from the competition while providing key information about the product. They are intended for printing both large batches of labels and individual, customized designs with variable information such as production number, date, and barcode. They perform well where there is a need to mark packaging with individual color labels.

  • shoe boxes
  • coffee, tea, candy
  • cosmetics
  • nutritional and dietary supplements
  • pet food

Color sticker printers – main advantages

  • They allow you to print your own custom-designed color labels on demand, even one piece of each design.
  • They make it possible to print variable information on labels, such as production date, changing batch number, barcode, or 2D code.
  • They reduce costs and save time. There is no need to outsource printing to an external company and wait a long time for order completion as well as keep inventory in stock.
  • They provide printing of high-quality and durable color graphics.
  • They make it possible to print labels without the need to prepare a printing plate. The design easily prepared in the graphics program is printed instantly on the label.

What printer for color self-adhesive labels should you choose?

The most significant criterion to follow when selecting a printer is the number of labels printed per day or month. The second aspect is the resolution of the print head, which determines the quality of the elements – graphics, text, and codes. Another factor in deciding which printer to select is the size of the labels.  Special, larger printers with a print head width of 8 inches are suitable for printing extremely big, large-format labels.

  • A desktop color label printer is perfect for printing small label runs per month. The small, handy, and easy-to-use device makes it possible to print labels on demand flexibly and independently.
  • A mid-range industrial color sticker printer is recommended where high printing resolution and large quantities of labels are required. The mid-range device provides high-quality color labels printed in large volumes.
  • Industrial color printers will satisfy the needs of large companies that operate on a 24/7 basis and need to have guaranteed large quantities of printed labels to mark their products on production lines.

ETISOFT – manufacturer of labels for color printers

ETISOFT is a manufacturer of many types of self-adhesive labels for color printers. Our offer includes EPSON and AstroNova color printers, as well as consumables for them (inks, maintenance boxes, print heads, external rewinders, unwinders, and slitters). We provide warranty and post-warranty service for AstroNova printers.

Contact us – we will help you choose the right type of labels, tailored to your needs!




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