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Specially selected and tested solutions intended for production and maintenance departments which will improve the management of processes in an enterprise and increase the efficiency of conducted actions. In our offer you will find, among other things: markings, RFID labels, AutoID devices, intralogistics systems, IT solutions and automated quality control systems.

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Quality department

The main task of quality departments in a manufacturing company is to control the product at various stages of its creation. Our offer includes ready solutions which increase efficiency and decrease costs of quality control, save auditors’ working time and quality labels. See how modern vision control systems and auditing applications work.

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Warehouse and logistics

A modern warehouse and company logistics operating in an efficient manner are based on process automation, their proper visualisation and correct identification of products and areas.  Dedicated products for the logistic and warehouse area are, among other things, as follows: GS1-compliant labels, AutoID devices, AGV systems, synoptic panels and RFID markings.

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magazyn logistyka etisoft magazyn automatyczny regały magazynowe

Laboratory and R&D

Laboratory markings that use bar codes or 2D codes make it possible to quickly identify samples prepared for research and tests. The suggested etiCALLS solution equips laboratories and R&D departments with a complete set of products and tools for marking the test material, laboratory equipment, agents and documents.

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Office and administration

Proper organisation of work of offices and administration simplifies procedures and increases work efficiency. It standardises and shortens processes, saves time, facilitates communication, and visualises workplace and regulations in force. Labels, printers and readers support people in companies who are responsible for administration, inventory and management of fixed assets, archives or health and safety.

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Labels and markings
RFID labels and markings
Functional elements
Front and control panels
Thermal transfer ribbons
Auto ID devices
RFID hardware
Print and apply systems
Vision systems
AGV/AMR systems
IT systems and solutions
Personal protection

About us

More than 25 years on the market is a continued development of Etisoft aimed at meeting the needs of our customers within the scope of marking and automatic identification of products.

Comprehensive service of corporate clients and dynamic development have established our position of a qualified global supplier of labels and functional elements for many industries. The implemented service models make it possible to adapt the principles of cooperation to each kind of customers, also within the scope of consolidation of deliveries of products to customer’s factories located in many places all over the world. The changing market and expectations of our customers gave us a stimulus to develop and build competences related to process automation. We’re successfully extending our offer with new Auto ID devices, label application systems, AGV-based intralogistic systems, vision systems and solutions within the scope of the RFID technology.

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Etisoft awarded by 3M

4 Nov 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

3M, which is our long-standing supplier of self-adhesive materials and business partner, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. During a festive gala in Warsaw the […]

Szara Gliwice

Sepia-coloured Szara Street

27 Sep 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

This year marks two anniversaries connected with the buildings where most of our staff work every day. We moved from Łużycka Street to 21 Szara Street fifteen years ago. And […]

etykiety z certyfikatem fsc

FSC certified labels

9 Aug 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

A characteristic tree-shaped mark – FSC® (Forecast Stewardship Council) – can be seen on thousands of products all over the world. It is a mark informing that the raw material […]

Etisoft Hungary, Etisoft Węgry

New hungarian website

21 Jul 2021

As from November 2020 Etisoft has a new design we also re-structured our Hungarian website. We are happy to announce that new webpage is available. Easier to find information about […]

składakiem przez polskę

Across Poland on a folding bike

12 Jul 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

The life motto of Karolina Kornaga, our colleague from Graffiti Studio, is: “A person who doesn’t risk, doesn’t know if it was worth it.” Karolina has already set off on […]

wózek AGV, pojazd AGV, pojazd samojezdny

AGV supports transport at Etisoft

21 Apr 2021 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

It’s called Intrabot and only recently has it begun to move along a designated route in the Etisoft’s production halls in ul. Sowinskiego. The AGV/AMR type vehicle designed by our […]

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