User manuals - aimed at consumers and product users. According to the provisions in force, they constitute an integral part of the product. They include basic information about the use, assembly, and safety information. Instructions for use are often prepared in many language versions. They can be made in the (...)

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Warranty cards

Warranty  cards and certificates - official documents issued by the producer which include the scope of rights and obligation of the guarantor (e.g. manufacturer of the device) towards the buyer. They contain information about the terms and conditions of repair, exchange and return of goods or a guarantee of other (...)

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Information leaflets - printed paper sheets which include information that is important for product users. They may include marketing information, information regarding the use of the product of assembly templates, e.g. drilling assembly holes. The print in the form of graphic design, texts and pictograms sometimes includes warning signs. (...)

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Manuals, warranty cards, and paper leaflets

According to Polish regulations, equipment instructions for use, assembly drawings, and pharmaceutical brochures and leaflets must be provided to customers in paper form. These regulations assume that not every user may have access to an electronic version of the document. Therefore, manufacturers of household appliances, electronic equipment, medicines and dietary supplements are obliged to print leaflets and instructions for use in the language version appropriate for a given country in paper form.

What are the types and forms of printed manuals and brochures?

Depending on the customer’s requirements and the specifics of the market, printed materials can be prepared in different bookbinding forms:

  • Saddle-stitched brochures

Due to the limitation of the staple size, saddle-stitched brochures can contain a few to several dozen pages.  Saddle-stitched brochures are a relatively low-cost solution.

  • Perfect bound books

Books that are perfect bound at the spine make it possible to glue more pages together and add an enhanced cover of thicker paper printed in color. Such a solution is extremely aesthetic and durable.

  • Folded leaflets

Leaflets can be printed on paper of any grammage, and the way they are folded is selected depending on the final size of the leaflet, preserving the aesthetics and logic of the design.

High-quality digital printing

Modern printing houses provide printing of legally required information leaflets, pharmaceutical leaflets, manuals, service logs, assembly drawings and manuals, and warranty cards, also bearing in mind economic and ecological aspects.

Graffiti Printing House, which is part of the Etisoft Group, owns a modern machine park for printing instructions for use in the form of saddle-stitched brochures, perfect bound books, and folded leaflets.  The ink-jet printing machine provides high print quality comparable to offset technology. Moreover, it does not require the preparation of printing tools, which means that the cost is lower even in the case of low print runs. The use of odorless water-based inks and FSC-certified ecological papers is a response to market demands for environmentally friendly solutions. In addition, the machines are fitted with vision systems that control the print quality on each page. Thus, the customer receives a high-quality finished product, without defects or errors.

Ecological printed materials

Combining the capabilities of Etisoft and Graffiti Printing House enables us to comprehensively implement processes related to the manufacturing and delivery of printed materials to customers.  We adjust the types of printing and forms of picking to current market requirements and individual customer needs.  All materials are printed in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  We use odorless water-based inks and FSC-certified ecological papers for printing.

Here are examples of the materials that are most commonly printed at our company:

  • Manuals for electronic equipment
  • Assembly drawings and drilling diagrams for home appliances
  • Pharmaceutical leaflets
  • Promotional brochures and leaflets for home appliances and electronic equipment
  • Warranty cards for electronics, home appliances, and the automotive industry

We offer our customers the printing, picking, and packaging of printed instructions for use, warranty cards, assembly drawings, pharmaceutical leaflets, advertising, and information leaflets.

Our technical capabilities:

  • Roll-fed ink-jet printing supported by sheet-fed digital printing machines.
  • Print capacity of 100 million A5 pages per month.
  • Binding capacity of up to 200,000 brochures per day.
  • Coated and uncoated papers with grammage ranging from 40g to 350g.
  • Ecological FSC-certified papers.
  • Printing in any format.
  • Thickness of soft cover perfect bound books up to 50 mm.
  • Parallel and cross folding with accordion folding option (25 mm).
  • Cover printing in grayscale or full CMYK palette.
  • The option to apply special cover enhancements, such as embossing, gilding, or selective varnish.

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