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Etisoft Smart Solutions projects co-funded by EU!

9 Jan 2024 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

Olaf Dudek, our colleague from Etisoft Smart Solutions was a guest of radio RMF MAXX Śląsk Częstochowa, where, at the invitation of the Silesian Center for Entrepreneurship, he talked about how EU funds support entrepreneurs. Did you know that two of the projects implemented by ESS have been co-funded by the European Union?

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HEPIS – system with a battery exchange station, LOTIS – for operation in cold stores and freezers

The first project is HEPIS. The main idea here was to optimize the performance indicator of the intralogistics system, i.e., the number of transports carried out by autonomous robots per hour. The project objective is to increase delivery efficiency on the production floor. It consists of the IntraFleet autonomous vehicle fleet management system, an automatic battery exchange station, and a few autonomous robots adapted to automatic battery exchange.

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The other EU project is LOTIS. It involved the development of an intralogistics system operating in tough conditions. This is the first Polish intralogistics system for cold stores and freezers that uses AMRs. Its objective is to increase the effectiveness and reliability of work in extreme conditions, with temperatures as low as -25oC.

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It also consists of a traffic management system, a heated automatic battery exchange station, and a few autonomous vehicles with low external heat emissions.

EU funds support worthwhile ideas

“The EU support was obtained, among other things, by combining the ideas of people with passion and the possibility to implement interesting projects. Thanks to their knowledge, commitment to technology development, and experience gained through the implementation of many other EU projects, the above-mentioned innovations received support. The funding was mainly provided for the necessary parts of autonomous robots, automatic battery exchange stations, including the work of engineers and programmers involved in the development of the robot management system,” Olaf Dudek, product and R&D manager at Etisoft Smart Solutions, describes.

The funds enabled us to gain more knowledge, develop interesting technologies, and create more advanced products compared to those already on the market.

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