Offer for Partners

We invite implementation and integration companies operating in the areas of IT systems, Auto ID systems, automation and industrial robotics to cooperate with us. We offer partnership cooperation to integrators who are interested in developing and expanding the scope of their activities by:

  • Label printers and barcode readers
  • RFID systems
  • Vision control systems
  • Print & Apply systems
  • Automatic applicators
  • AGV and AMR mobile robots

We provide full support for the company’s partners in the form of training, pre-implementation analyses, consumables, warranty and post-warranty service. Cooperation with Etisoft means stable terms of cooperation, security of supply and a guarantee of success.

Consolidation of supplies

As a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of automatic identification, we propose a program of consolidation activities including the supply of Auto ID markings, devices and systems. Based on accurate identification of customer needs, the program allows for the standardization of products and savings related to the reduction of indexes in individual locations of our customers.

By establishing clear rules for cooperation with one supplier, it is possible to reduce costs or the number of products and achieve savings in many areas of operation. The companies that have trusted our capabilities and achieved significant savings thanks to the consolidation of supplies include leading concerns from industries such as the automotive industry, construction industry, electronics industry and food industry.

Individual arrangements

We work based on individual arrangements with clients. We flexibly adapt to the needs of our customers to ensure the continuity of their production. We guarantee:

  • an agreed logistics model covering the form and frequency of deliveries
  • individual approach to the way of packing and marking shipments
  • optimization of the costs of order fulfillment for label supplies
  • reporting in customer systems with the possibility of automating the process via the EDI system

Adapting to the industry, we perform appropriate research and tests in our laboratory and prepare appropriate documentation, delivery certificates and quality certificates.


  • reduced number of suppliers
  • setting clear rules for cooperation with one partner (fixed cost model, forecasts, RFQ, a specific documentation flow)
  • reducing the number of used goods
  • selection of optimal solutions thanks to the experience of experts
  • reducing the cost of quality resulting from the use of unsuitable products
  • optimization the mode of order guaranteeing security of supply
  • reports showing the financial benefits achieved after consolidation are also a set of product documentation (etiSTOCK)
  • reduce procurement costs through cooperation based upon electronic data exchange (EDI)


The quality requirements of our customers motivate us to continuously improve our processes and products, and the Integrated Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 deployed in our Company is a confirmation of these actions. In the production and logistic process implementation we use our authorial traceability system which makes it possible to identify materials, components and tooling at each production stage and, at the same time, maintain high quality of our goods. Taking care of the maintenance of the supply chain in the wood and paper industry we have obtained the FSC certificate. It means that the purchase, processing and trade in goods of forest origin (e.g. paper labels) are conducted in compliance with the EU legal provisions in force and that the production components come only from legal sources. Moreover, we are an authorised supplier of UL-certified self-adhesive labels which enables our customers to sell their products marked with labels to the American and Canadian markets.

The certificates we hold

the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate within the scope of development, implementation, service of the systems for marking and automatic identification, including equipment, software, technical advisory services and production, trade in goods and consumables for marking and assembly of products.

the PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 certificate within the scope of development, implementation, service of the systems for marking and automatic identification, including equipment, software, technical advisory services and production, trade in goods and consumables for marking and assembly of products.

the IATF 16949:2016 certificate within the scope of manufacture of self-adhesive labels, functional elements for markings, automatic identification, protection and assembly

the FSC certificate within the scope of purchase of FSC Mix self-adhesive labels and FSC Mix special purpose paper, production (transfer system) together with the process of  joining, cutting and storing conducted by the subcontractor, and sale of FSC Mix self-adhesive labels, FSC Mix special purpose paper and FSC Mix and FSC Recycled paper for photocopying and printing.

the UL certification includes the following programmes:
PGAA which makes application of the UL markings to labels possible
PGJI2/PGJI8 for labels without an imprint with a dedicated thermal transfer ribbon
PGDQ2/PGDQ8 for labels with an imprint.

Lean management

Management of our organization is based on the concept of LEAN. In our case LEAN philosophy includes not only the field of production but refers to all business areas.

We apply the principle of lean production, precisely supervising the manufacturing costs and controlling product development from design, through the manufacturing process until shipment to the customer.


  • continuous monitoring of production efficiency ensures optimum cost products
  • continuous surveillance of process ensures the quality that meets all customer requirements
  • ability to customize processes to customers’ processes allows to implement solutions that support their own production.

Research and development

Our Product Managers carefully analyze customer’s needs and basing on specifications supplied they choose solutions that meet all the requirements of our customers.

Our business is based on expertise and on searching new technologies and materials. By working with the best suppliers of materials and equipment, and continuously running tests, we are able to meet the most demanding applications of our customers.


Our laboratory is equipped with devices to enable testing in accordance with the guidelines of the international association – FINAT. Skilled laboratory workers test materials selected by technologists and professionals from R&D Department, in specified by the customer terms and ranges.

The offered range of research:

  • adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • shear strength
  • environmental testing with wide range of temperature and humidity
  • print durability
  • verification of barcodes and 2D codes.

Systems and software

We design and deploy MES-class IT systems which support production and warehouse management which we integrate with our customers’ ERP systems and industrial automation systems. We ensure full communication of our etiSZOP platform with other systems and equipment and devices used in production and logistic processes. We offer AGV-based intralogistic systems that support logistic processes in enterprises, systems of label applicators the task of which is to increase the efficiency of marking products with labels, and vision systems that support the quality control of manufactured goods. We use labels with codes or RFID labels as a carrier of information in each of the offered systems. The solutions are complemented by an authorial etiLABEL software which makes it possible to easily and quickly print labels, and an etiGHOST application which makes it possible to integrate printers with an external software.


As a system integrator, we have at our disposal a team of Project Managers who have up-to-date  knowledge and competences to implement a project, solution simulation and to conduct the deployment process of equipment and systems offered by us. We provide our customers with comprehensive service within the scope of offered systems, starting from pre-implementation analysis, through choosing a solution, preparing documentation, and ending with deployment and maintenance.

Our implementations are not just systems. We successfully implement, together with our customers, new products within the scope of labels and functional elements. In many cases our Product Managers and our R&D department participate in actions aimed at choosing an appropriate solution in the initial stage of new projects deployed within this scope by our customers.

Technical support

Approaching comprehensively the issue of customer service we have expanded and constantly evolving area of services. We provide support services during the implementation process with the user training included. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for offered equipment, systems and software. Our clients can benefit from technical support – Helpdesk by phone or email and if necessary using TeamViewer.

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