Membrane panels

Membrane panels, also called membrane or foil keyboards, are an indispensable element of modern electronic devices and machines. They are used mainly as operator panels for diverse types of consumer electronics. Membrane panels consist of several layers, they are thin and, at the same time, exceptionally durable. The top layer (...)

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Control panels

Control panels, commonly called window panels, are elements which are built in the front part of electronic devices and household appliances. They have a significant decorative function, but, above all, they are used to control the whole device. Their task is to present a user with the status and operating (...)

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Front panels

Front panels, also known as decorative panels, are an important element of the casing since they inform users about basic functions of the device and facilitate its operation. An appropriate print in the form of a graphic design, text or pictogram makes it possible to control the device in an (...)

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Faceplates and control panels – why are they so important?

One of the most significant aspects related to designing modern everyday appliances is ensuring that their physical interface is appropriate, providing easy and intuitive control of the product. The user wants to, without any doubt, use the various functions provided by modern electronics and home appliances efficiently. Today’s consumers are focused on equipment that provides them with several advanced features. At the same time, using the equipment should not cause them any difficulty. On top of that, they value the aesthetics of the design of individual components.

Machine control panels, which, as an integral part of the appliance, are designed to ensure the comfort of everyday use, play a key role in this regard. It is they that make the interaction between man and appliance possible in practice. In an era when home appliances and other devices feature many advanced functions, it is easy to get lost in how to operate them. Thus, the role of the control panel is to ensure that the user operates the device intuitively and fully utilizes its potential. The design of the face plate is also of great importance when selecting the appliance. Therefore, it is so significant to design it properly and make it as aesthetic as possible.

Control panels and faceplates – how do they differ?

Faceplates of electronic equipment and home appliances are made of plastics, metals, laminates, and multilayer composites. In the course of preparation, holes are cut for knobs, buttons, and sockets for wiring, and printing is performed. A control panel is an element that is connected to electronics and has integrated buttons or a touch screen. Membrane control panels are one type of control panel. They have no moving parts such as knobs, only touch keys. Membrane touch control panels are most frequently used in electric machines and power tools as operator panels.

How are control panels made?

First, all the details must be precisely designed, considering visual and functional aspects. Then an injection mold is made, which undergoes a series of tests. Raw control panels are tested and verified against customer guidelines. The next stage is selecting the appropriate printing technology. Then test printing is conducted and print durability is measured. After a positive assessment by the customer, trial series are made, and only once they are approved can actual production commence.

Etisoft – quality guarantee

Etisoft is one of the leading European experts in manufacturing faceplates and control panels for home appliance and automotive industries. What is important, all panels are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 norms and standards. Modern plastic processing machinery and a broad selection of printing technologies provide top-quality of manufactured panels.  Reliable suppliers of raw materials ensure the continuity of production and maintenance of delivery dates. We design, test, and manufacture faceplates and control panels for companies in many industries.

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