Double-sided mounting tapes and die-cuts

Double-sided adhesive tapes and films used for quick and durable fixing of elements. Thanks to a great joining force they are an alternative to mechanical joints such as bolts, rivets, and screws.  The joint achieved with the aid of double-sided adhesive labels is characterised by high mechanical durability and resistance to many external factors that is why they are frequently used in the automotive industry.  Double-sided adhesive elements cut to specific size (die-cut) facilitate mounting of elements made of materials of high and low surface energy (metals, wood, glass, various plastics, composites). The application of a double-sided adhesive tape additionally seals the joint and damps vibrations.

  • instantaneous joining force
  • burst, shear and tear resistance of the joint
  • resistance to solvents, plasticisers, humidity, and UV light



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