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Offset printing. When print run matters – part 1

17 May 2022 - Mateusz Skowron

In the previous article related to the most important features and advantages of digital printing, I merely mentioned a method that is much older, but still dominant in the printing industry, i.e., offset printing. In this article, I will give it a well-deserved leading role. From this text you will learn:

  • What offset printing is about.
  • What its possibilities are.
  • How we use offset printing in Etisoft Group.
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What is offset printing about?

When mentioning today’s methods of printing, for instance leaflets the first thing that comes to mind is using digital printing. It seems to be more common. However, for industrial applications consisting of much higher volume demands, offset printing turns out to be a more reasonable solution.

 Simplifying the technical details, the technique consists in transferring an image from a flat printing plate, for example, to paper. For this purpose, an intermediate rubber plate is used. The drum covered with rubber takes the shape of a cylinder, thanks to which the image is transferred onto to target substrate. Due to the described structure, this type of printing belongs to the group of intermediate prints. A characteristic feature of offset printing is that fact that it is a flatbed printing. This means that all the printing and non-printing components are located on exactly the same level.

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Offset printing and its possibilities

The assumption of offset printing is to realize high-volume orders. It is in this aspect that this method stands out the most. For this reason, printing machines in the described technique frequently take on considerable sizes. Among the types of machines, we can distinguish those that are designed for printing flat sheets, coil machines for production of newspapers and magazines, as well as those with the ability to print more than four basic colors. These are, for example, the PANTONE colors chosen by the company.

Contemporary offset machines can print not only on paper. They also work well in the manufacture of labels and cardboard boxes thicker than paper. Despite its advantages, which include high print quality, this method is very time-consuming to prepare, hence the recommendation of high print volumes, in which the preparation cost can be spread over a large number of ordered copies and an extremely attractive price offer can be obtained. Briefly, it may be assumed that the profitable print volume using this technique starts from 1,000 pieces, although this is influenced by many factors. Our specialists will certainly help you choose the most suitable printing method.

Offset printing in Etisoft Group

Offset printing is undoubtedly a method with a wide range of possibilities. However, in Etisoft Group, where we offer a comprehensive service for such industries as electronics, home appliances and automotive, we have narrowed down the specialization of this method to the most needed formats on this market. Our offer includes:

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Our experts will prepare the right offer for you considering your needs, not only one-offs. They will effectively advise on long-term cooperation for digital printing, offset printing and more.

If you are going to print instructions for use that will be attached to your products and you are searching for a company with many years of experience in their production, a vision of their usefulness and a versatile machine park, contact us!

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