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9 Nov 2021 - Marek Gaweł

The constantly growing competition on the market means that the labelling of goods not only serves as an information carrier, but also takes over a marketing role to attract the attention of a prospective customer. A colour label makes it possible to highlight the content which is significant to the consumer, and it graphically presents the contents of the packaging. A colour label printer will help you print such labels yourself.

On-demand self-printing of labels minimises waste because you only print as many of them as you need. Printing at any moment eliminates the need for maintaining high stock. Short time of label preparation and immediate readiness for printing are ideal for printing frequently changing designs.

Colour label printer – an option for small companies as well as for printing in industrial quantities

The offer of this brand includes solutions meeting almost all basic needs within colour label printing.

The ColorWorks C3500 printer is the best solution for customers who are at the beginning of their adventure with independent colour label printing. The capacity of this device makes it possible to print several hundred labels daily. Therefore, it is intended for small production plants, small cosmetics companies, gardening shops and flower shops. The small dimensions of the device make it possible to use it at almost any workstation. The maximum head resolution of 720×360 provides satisfying quality of printed labels. The pigment ink used provides printing of labels resistant to abrasion, water and fading.

colour label printer

Epson C3500

The ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 series printers are intended for the intermediate user. The user-friendly interface makes operation simple and enjoyable, and it does not require any special training. The maximum print head resolution of 1200×1200 dpi guarantees printing high quality labels. The printers are available in versions with an automatic guillotine (Ae) or a label dispenser (Pe). It is this function that makes the device unique on the market and possible to integrate with an automatic label applicator. Thus, the user is provided with a printing and application kit for the production line. The C6000 series supports media widths from 25.4 mm to 112 mm, whereas the C6500 series within the range from 25.4 mm to 215.9 mm.

colour label printer

Epson C6000
colour label printer

Epson C6500

EPSON C7500 and C7500G are professional colour label printers. The maximum print head resolution of 600×1200 dpi ensures perfect quality prints. The capacity of the printer makes it possible to print in industrial quantities satisfying the needs of even demanding users. An optional label rewinder allows for roll-to-roll operation. The C7500 model with the pigment ink is designed for matte materials, whereas the C7500G model with water-based inks is recommended for printing on glossy materials. With the available ZPL emulation, the printer can be easily integrated with customer’s existing systems or can be used to replace existing thermal transfer printers.

colour label printer

Epson C7500

If you want to be independent, print labels on demand in quantities you need, look at the features of colour label printers. We will help you make the right choice.


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