Headlamp film and other protection films for automotive products

4 Dec 2023 - Tomasz Januszewski

The complexity of production processes in the automotive industry may have an impact on the esthetics of installed finishing elements. To preserve the impeccable look of vehicles leaving the production line and protect the components from scratches and dirt during the subsequent process steps, special damage protection films are used.

Protection films for headlamps, screens, and other vehicle components

The assembly of further components like headlamps, screens, and decorative elements makes them vulnerable to mechanical damage at various production stages. A solution that eliminates the risk of damage to such components is the application of protection films that help to preserve the high esthetics of the components. Depending on the characteristics of a given component, permanent or temporary protection can be used from our wide portfolio of suppliers, among which 3M and tesa are one of the most recognized.

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Whether the surface is effectively protected depends on:

  • the type of material the foil is made of
  • the properties of the adhesive used
  • the accuracy with which the foil adheres to the surface.
protection films for headlamps

Protection film can be used both for temporary and permanent protection of the product surface against dirt, scratches, and damage. Temporary protection is usually limited to protecting delicate, glossy surfaces during assembly, processing, and transport. In both cases, the adhesive used which does not leave any residue on the protected surface, and the type of the film used are of key importance.

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Another form of surface protection for the duration of production processes is masking tapes that are commonly used in the painting and varnishing processes. Such a solution guarantees a perfect color cutting-in with no dirt left on the surface after removal.

Types of protection film used in the automotive industry

Depending on the type of the product, tapes and films can be used on metal, glass, and plastic surfaces.

Before choosing the protection films we carry out several steps to make sure that we deliver the best possible solution to our customers. The first is to analyze the customer needs and, based on that, select a material. In the next stage, the solution is passed to the R&D department where its effectiveness is tested. The final tested films are implemented at the customer’s premises.

The most frequently protected surfaces are as follows:

  • bumpers
  • door handles
  • side mirrors
  • bonnet
  • door edges
  • door saddle
  • screens and displays
  • interior decorative elements.

protection films for headlamp

Protection films are resistant to several factors, including:

  • high temperature
  • humidity
  • UV radiation
  • abrasion
  • puncture
  • tearing.

Our portfolio includes also films with a matt finish that reduce light reflection and are used to protect on-board computer screens. Another interesting solution is a special 3M film that uses modern self-healing technology to remove minor scratches on the surface.

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Protection films enable manufacturers in the automotive industry to increase product quality indicators. The use of temporary film and tape die-cuts ensures that every vehicle leaving the production line has an impeccable look, and the use of permanent solutions enables customers to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience when operating the vehicle.

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