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Automotive labels – what Etisoft offers the automotive industry

16 Jan 2024 - Joanna Heler-Kończakowska

Automotive label manufacturing is a specialized and dynamically developing field involving various technical and design processes. Although automotive labels and markings remain invisible to most vehicle users, they are extremely important for automotive manufacturers at every stage of vehicle development and the operation of its various components. After all, they ensure traceability at every stage of production, inventory management, and, eventually, while the vehicle is in use.

Self-adhesive labels during airbag explosion. Check laboratory test!

Selecting an automotive label supplier – industry and labeling specificity

Self-adhesive labels are a mix of many components and properties, which is why their selection and manufacturing should be entrusted to specialists in the field. Automotive labels, applied to components and particular parts of the vehicle, must remain legible and intact for many years, and feature increased resistance to harsh external conditions. Therefore, this should come as no surprise that technical requirements regarding automotive labels are one of the most restrictive. Therefore, the selection of an experienced label supplier is essential from the point of view of safety, competitiveness, and credibility of the automotive brand. The solutions offered by Etisoft meet the global included in specifications of OEM or TIER 1 customers. What is more, as a company, Etisoft ensures compliance with such quality standards as IATF 16949:2016 and prepares complete PPAP implementation documentation for its clients.

RFID tags in the automotive industry. Find out what you gain!

400 leading factories among Etisoft’s clients and 10,000 label templates in its portfolio

For many years, Etisoft has been a manufacturer and supplier of specialized self-adhesive labels and a converter of functional elements for the automotive industry, among others. Among our clients are about 400 factories of leading automotive companies around the world for whom Etisoft is a panel supplier. Currently, our portfolio includes about 10,000 label templates for the automotive industry. A wide range of technologies and many years of experience take into consideration almost any application, including the implementation of tailor-made solutions.

Check out what Etisoft offers the automotive industry!

We expand our customer base every year, working on new projects. We are particularly pleased with those related to solutions of the future, including e-mobility and hydrogen technology as well as RFID. The latter recently reached BMW and Volkswagen factories.

Labels for tires, cable harnesses, RFID identification labels, and more…

As we have already mentioned, our extensive portfolio includes a variety of labels, but not only.

Do you need UL-certified labels? Read more here!

As a manufacturer and supplier, Etisoft offers, among other things:

  • technical labels (rating plates, information labels, cable and wire markings)
  • specialized labels (warranty seals, tire labels, panel labels, markings for electronic sub-assemblies)
  • identification labels (bar codes, QR codes, RFID – we have recently expanded our machine park)
  • functional elements (including assembly tapes and die-cuts, insulators, surface protection films and die-cuts, industrial reclosable fasteners)
  • faceplates and control panels
  • instructions for use
  • label printers equipped with bar code and 2D code verifiers
  • Print&Apply devices (including customized solutions, e.g., making it possible to apply the label to cylindrically shaped parts)
  • sew-in labels.

How we collaborate with automotive clients

A dedicated Automotive Team of specialists from various departments (technologists, quality department, salespeople), who have adequate knowledge, competence, and expertise due to the stringent requirements of the industry, deals with collaboration with the demanding automotive industry.

We work according to APQP principles that verify whether, as a supplier, we understand all customer specifications and project requirements. We adapt to customer requirements regarding the manner of packaging and labeling of supplied products, as well as the exchange of documents. We have implemented the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system to ensure effective and efficient communication.

Etisoft has its own laboratory where tests are conducted in customer-specified conditions and scopes, including tests for adhesion to different types of surfaces, shear resistance, climatic testing for temperature and humidity, and print durability. Clients interested in collaboration are welcome to visit our showroom and production, where we will eagerly demonstrate how the vision inspection process that accompanies label production works in practice.

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