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28 Jun 2021 - Mariusz Baranowski

The ETISOFT DIAMOND RIBBONS are the right choice for such industries as, among others, the automotive, household appliances, electronics, chemicals, and laboratories, i.e., where the print must meet the most difficult conditions. The ETISOFT DIAMOND RIBBONS group of thermal transfer ribbons consists of ribbons with three types of ink: wax, wax-resin and resin.

The ETISOFT DIAMOND RIBBONS group of thermal transfer ribbons consists of ribbons with three types of ink: wax, wax-resin and resin.

The DIAMOND WAX STANDARD is a high-quality wax thermal transfer ribbon for printing paper labels. The ink of this transfer ribbon is strengthened with a resin admixture. This formulation provides exceptional durability of print among wax ribbons. The main advantages of this ribbon are a wide range of applications, high print speed and antistatic formula that protects the print head against damage.

The ribbon is most frequently used for printing paper product or identification labels, but it can also be used in logistics where labelling of pallets and containers requires greater durability.

The main advantages of DIAMOND WAX STANDARD are:

  • Wide range of application
  • High printing speed (355 mm/s)
  • Deep black in printed graphics
thermal transfer ribbon

DIAMOND MIX PREMIUM is a wax/resin transfer ribbon designed for printers with flat heads, which will ensure high-quality printout resistant to mechanical damage. Such excellent quality can be achieved with low energy consumption and on all smooth materials, coated papers, as well as on synthetic materials. High print speed and deep black of printed graphic designs make this ribbon unrivalled among the wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons available on the market. DIAMOND MIX PREMIUM can be successfully used for printing foil logistic labels, where the print must be resistant to weather conditions, and for printing product paper labels that are used on products packed in a heat-shrinkable sleeve. The print is so durable that it does not transfer to the surface of the package due to the temperature of the process.

Main advantages of DIAMOND MIX PREMIUM:

  • Wide range of application
  • Deep black in printed graphics
  • Compliance with 1935/2004 / EC (Food Contact)

DIAMOND MIX ED, that is a wax-resin ribbon for printing on printers with a near-edge printhead. In this case, the maximum printing speed is 600mm/s. This ribbon is compatible with TOSHIBA Tec B-EX series printers.

Advantages of DIAMOND MIX ED:

  • Wide range of application
  • Deep black in printed graphics
  • Print speed up to 600 mm/s

DIAMOND RESIN RIBBONS – Resin ribbons – Durable and resistant print

Designed for printing permanent markings mainly in industry, and where the print is exposed to abrasion, low and high temperatures and chemicals. A resin-based ink modified with appropriate additives to meet the requirements specific to a given industry. Therefore, it is difficult for one product to meet all of the above criteria. The Diamond group consists of three types of resin ribbons, designed for equal applications.


DIAMOND RESIN SP is a resin thermal transfer ribbon with a very wide range of applications in many industries. The print is resistant to temperatures up to 300°C and popular substances and cleaning products in the automotive, electronic and household appliances industries for printing, including rating plates, identification, product or information labels.

  • Very high temperature resistance of the print
  • Very good resistance of the print to mechanical damage
  • Good value for money
  • Relatively low printing temperature
  • UL/CSA certified with recommended materials
thermal transfer ribbon

DIAMOND RESIN CX is another item in the family of resin ribbons with exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents. The resin-based ink combines with many high-class synthetic materials, ensuring excellent mechanical resistance of the print. It is characterized by high quality and clarity for high resolution prints required for small texts and 2D codes. Due to the exceptional resistance of the print, Diamond Resin CX tapes are used, among others, in in the automotive industry.

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Very good resistance to mechanical damage
  • UL/CSA certification on specific materials

DIAMOND RESIN CR is a ribbon with very good abrasion resistance, which guarantees the print resistant to the most difficult conditions. It also ensures exceptional sharpness of printed texts, graphics and barcodes or 2D. Such a unique product can be used, among others in the chemical, automotive and electronic industries in laboratories for printing identification labels, product labels or rating plates.

  • Deep black in printed graphics
  • Very good resistance to aggressive chemicals used in the automotive industry (e.g. brake fluid)
  • UL/CSA certification on specific materials.
thermal transfer ribbons

The thermal transfer ribbons offered by ETISOFT are available in various widths and are compatible with devices from well-known manufacturers, including: CITIZEN, ZEBRA, TSC, HONEYWELL or PRINTRONIX.

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