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Printer accessories – labels rewinders and dispensers. What does Labelmate offer?

30 Jan 2023 - Arkadiusz Krużycki

Along with thermal transfer printers, Etisoft offers a range of accessories to facilitate the work of those who handle the label printing process or the process of manually applying labels to the product.

In this regard, we have cooperated with Labelmate for many years. Learn about the products offered by Etisoft such as label rewinders, unwinders, automatic dispensers, and many other specialized devices in the Labelmate portfolio.

External MC-11 labels rewinder

label rewinder MC-11

The MC-11 external rewinder is a device that works perfectly with desktop printers or medium-range bar code printers. Thanks to the bi-directional motor, the device is versatile – it can be placed either on the left or right side. This does not limit the operator as to how to position the printer together with the rewinder. The only requirement is the need to meet the safety requirements of the work station. The MC-11 rewinder offered by Etisoft has an adjustable metal core handle from 25 mm to 101 mm.

Most important specifications:

  • Maximum label roll weight: 4 kg
  • Maximum roll diameter: 220 mm
  • Maximum label size 115 mm
  • Adjustable winding speed with a potentiometer
  • Adjustable Core Holder (ACH), core size from 25 mm to 101 mm.

The Cat-3 external rewinder for heavier loads

label rewinder Cat-3

The Cat-3 rewinder is larger and more robust than the MC-11. Winding speed of 125 cm/sec. Whereas label rolls can be up to 300 mm in diameter. Dual torque ranges provide high power,  which is why the rewinder can withstand heavy loads and ensures continuous operation.

The Cat-3 can also work in both directions. Labels can be wound inward or outward. The Cat-3 can be configured according to the need to select the label diameter or the diameter of the roll casing. Each of the following rewinders has different core parameters. All of them have 76 mm diameter cores as standard.  In the standard version, on the other hand, you can order a rewinder with various plates attached to the core. The user can choose between a 38/40/44/50 or 70 mm diameter core.

Labelmate offer

Most important specifications:

  • Max roll diameter: 300 mm
  • Different label width: 155/170/220/270 mm (depending on the model)
  • Adjustable winding speed with a potentiometer (max 125cm/sec).

Automatic label dispenser

Labelmate also offers devices such as the LD-100 and LD-200 automatic label dispensers. What is it used for? It is nothing more than an external peeler, i.e., a device that is designed to eject one label by separating it from the backing, which is wound onto a metal core. The separated label then waits to be picked up by the user. This process is supervised by an adjustable sensor. The dispensers successfully work with paper, foil as well as transparent labels. Labelmate LD-series dispenser handles labels from 115 mm to even up to  218 mm. Choose the right dispenser according to your needs:

  • LD-100RS, label width of up to 115 mm (paper and foil labels)
  • LD-200RS, label width of up to 165 mm (paper and foil labels)
  • LD-300RS-SS, label width of up to 218 mm (paper and foil labels)
  • LD-100U, label width of up to 115 mm (all labels, including transparent ones)
  • LD-200U, label width of up to 165 mm (all labels, including transparent ones)
  • LD-300U-SS, label width of up to 218 mm (all labels, including transparent ones).
automatic label dispenser

Most important specifications:

  • Can handle cores from 40 to 76 mm in diameter
  • Min speed of 11cm/sec
  • Max roll weight is 6 kg
  • Selectable speed (high / low)
  • Min label length of 6 mm.

All these devices are CE-certified. Both the casing and other components used in the devices are of robust quality, which is reflected in the 3 or 5 year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

If you want to speed up processes on production lines or in the printing room, ask about Labelmate device from Etisoft offer.

We will help you choose the right device!

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