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Digital printing of instructions for use for household appliances, electronics, automotive

8 Apr 2022 - Mateusz Skowron

Digital printing is one of the most popular printing techniques used in the contemporary printing industry. It has many undeniable advantages, and its wide range of capabilities are frequently used to meet the many needs of companies in such industries such household appliances, electronics and automotive. Digital printing of instructions for use. In today’s article you will learn more about the subject:

  • What are the advantages of digital printing?
  • You will learn about the alternative to digital printing
  • Which products are perfect for digital printing?

Advantages of digital printing and printing of instructions for use

Why is digital printing so popular? First, it is easy to prepare a ready-made design, for instance a leaflet, for printing. In most cases, the file prepared by a professional graphic designer is all that is needed to start production. Thus, you eliminate a complicated, time-consuming, and frequently expensive process of assembling the right tools which pay off only when the number of ordered copies is high. The print commonly referred to as “digital” is a perfect candidate when seeking prints, such as personalized invitations or business cards. Personalization and no matrices indispensable for starting printing are great advantages. However, there are a few more advantages of digital printing:

  • No tools mean not only lower cost but also shorter lead time
  • High quality and copy repeatability which is similar to offset printing
  • High print speed which is second only to offset printing
  • Flexible selection of paper weight depending on your needs
  • The digital print file not only makes fast personalization without additional costs possible, but also allows changes to be made without the need to produce new matrices.
printing of instructions

Therefore, digital printing seems to be a technology without disadvantages, which is not far from becoming a leading technique that will soon displace, for instance, the previously mentioned offset printing. But why is this not happening? Unfortunately, due to my professional duty, I have to say that there is a fly in the ointment and look at some of the noticeable drawbacks of this technique.

  • Despite high print quality, it is inferior to offset printing, which is most noticeable during full color coverage of the sheet
  • Digital printing pays off when there is one to several hundred copies per print run, for larger runs the cost per print remains the same regardless of the run
  • Despite the flexibility in terms of weight, the format in most digital printers is limited to B3.

Offset printing when digital printing is not profitable anymore               

What if our demand for a given workpiece is higher than the few hundred copies that are profitable in digital printing? The “older brother,” i.e., offset printing, comes to the rescue. This technology, commonly referred to as offset, has settled in for good. Despite the efforts of its competitors, it is still the undisputed champion of high print runs. The ideal solution appears to be a balance between different techniques to sensibly manage production costs, which in many cases depend on the print run.

printing of instructions

Products, or what can we offer you?

It is worth knowing what digital printing is and what its advantages are, but more significantly for you, in what cases will your company face this dilemma? It is an obligation of each manufacturer to attach an instruction for use to each product sold on the territory of the European Union. Thanks to our experience you will streamline the process of ordering instructions for use in your company. You can count on professional advisory services within the right printing techniques and, what is most significant, you will be comprehensively provided with such products as:

Our experts will prepare the right offer for you considering your needs, not only one-offs.  They will effectively advise on long-term cooperation for digital printing and more.

If instructions for use are attached to your products and you are searching for a company with many years of experience in their production, a vision of their usefulness and a versatile machine park, contact us!

Ask about offer!

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