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How to obtain durable label printing at a reasonable price? A new player in the Etisoft TTR team

14 Jul 2022 - Mariusz Baranowski

A new quality in Etisoft’s range of thermal transfer ribbons is a quality that, among ribbons with a wax/resin ink mixture, will provide stable thermal transfer printing quality. Additionally, it will provide print resistant to basic cleaners and chemical reagents and… will not ruin the end user’s project budget. Meet DIAMOND MIX PRO – the ideal solution for demanding applications. It is a thermal transfer ribbon that provides durable print on labels, including paper ones. Additionally, the ribbon is ISO, REACH, RoHS and ISEGA certified.

Durable label printing – a new quality

DIAMOND MIX PRO, which is the one mentioned here, is the perfect solution for demanding applications such as printing paper product labels that are used on products packaged in a shrink sleeve. The print in such an application must be durable enough not to transfer to the inner surface of the film sleeve, thus making it possible for the data on the label to be read correctly. DIAMOND MIX PRO is also characterized by excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion and scratches on a wide range of surfaces (paper, PP, PE, PET). Thanks to the high sensitivity of the ink to the heat transferred from the print head, high-quality printing at low printing temperatures can be obtained. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the ribbon is suitable for printing on devices with a flat print head.

durable label printing

When comparing the basic parameters of the DIAMOND MIX PRO ribbon with its competitor, the advantage of the new quality can be noticed. A lower temperature can be used for printing, which extends the life of our print head. The DIAMOND MIX PRO ribbon (depending on the material used) can print characters of 2 pts in size, thus maintaining sharp edges. The abrasion resistance and heat resistance of the print, in comparison to another ribbon, also indicate the superiority of DIAMOND MIX PRO.

New quality of resistance

However, sometimes it is the chemical resistance of the print that constitutes the key element in selecting a solution for an application. The DIAMOND MIX PRO ribbon is characterized, for a wax/resin ink, by exceptionally high resistance to adverse conditions and contact with chemical substances.

durable label printing

Such a result was achieved by adding the right additives, fixatives to the wax/resin mixture, which “refined” the ink to some extent and provided it with unique properties.

New possibilities

An additional advantage of the DIAMOND MIX PRO ribbon is the certificates it holds, which increase its application possibilities. ISO, REACH, RoHS and ISEGA make it possible for the ribbon to be used to print markings for industries very different from one another. Retail, logistics, pharmaceutical and food industries, indoor and outdoor applications are only some of the areas of possible use of the DIAMOND MIX PRO ribbon. The only limitation is our imagination.

Thermal transfer ribbons offered by us are available in different widths and compatible with devices of renowned producers, such as: CITIZEN, ZEBRA, TSC, HONYEWELL or PRINTRONIX.

Test the quality of the materials offered by Etisoft and ask for a thermal transfer ribbon sample.

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