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Manufacturer of labels and tags – screen printing in the automotive industry part 2

20 Oct 2023 - Mateusz Skowron

Due to the demands of the automotive and e-mobility industries (we wrote about them, among other things, here), also labels and tags must feature increased durability in unusual conditions that prints have to cope with. As in the case of control panels and front panels, the challenges are hot oils, pressurized water, high temperature and UV radiation. Labels and tags printed with screen printing method constitute therefore a more durable alternative to classic markings. What can Etisoft Group, as a label manufacturer, offer the automotive and e-mobility industries? Check it out!

In today’s article we will focus on an alternative method of printing labels and tags. They are supplied by one of the Etisoft Group companies – Graffiti Printing House.

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Resistance to harsh operating conditions – what we pay attention to as a manufacturer of labels and markings

Automotive labels are popular products used in the automotive industry. Apart from performing basic functions targeted at users, they also play a crucial role in ensuring safety and component identification. The information contained in them includes technical details, operating instructions and remarks relating to the correct and safe use of the product. This is significant both from the perspective of the target user and the professionals who maintain vehicles over many years of use. This is why the ability of labels to withstand harsh operating conditions should serve as a key factor in the selection of printing technology. Labels and tags printed using screen printing technology will therefore be a more durable alternative to classic labels in the following cases:

  • Labels for engine parts and components – oil filters, timing belts and starters. They should feature labels resistant to oil, fuel, and high temperatures. The durability of these labels is essential for the identification of parts and preservation of information about their parameters.
  • Tags for operating fluids – such as engine oils, brake fluids and coolants. They must be resistant to chemicals and varying temperatures. Durable fluid filler tags ensure that the information on them will remain legible for the entire service period of the vehicle.
  • Warning labels – informing about hazards and precautions. They should be placed, for instance, on batteries or around the engine. They also need to be durable, weatherproof, and resistant to contact with oils and chemicals.
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Labels and tags printed using screen printing method

Graffiti Printing House supports classic method of manufacturing automotive labels at Etisoft Group by using screen printing technology. This method consists in pumping ink through a specially prepared mesh onto the surface of a material (paper, fabric, plastic, or metal).

At Etisoft Group we adapt the traditional screen printing method to industrial print runs. Thanks to this technology we can provide prints featuring exceptional durability, adapted to individual quality challenges. We provide them in compliance with the ISO 2768 standard. Our solutions make it possible to create automotive labels and tags dedicated to the automotive industry. Not only do they contain the necessary information about the use of products, but also feature long-lasting resistance to weather conditions and external factors.

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Screen printing at Etisoft Group

Etisoft Group as a label manufacturer is not only a supplier of high-quality prints. We also provide support and consultation both at the stage of project implementation and throughout the cooperation. Our experienced team of experts will be pleased to advise you on the technical aspects of printing. They will also help you choose the perfect solution tailored to your specific product.

Durable component markings – check out what Etisoft can offer the automotive industry!

If you are searching for durable automotive labels and tags and more, we are the right partner for you. Etisoft Group supplies, among other things:

… everything that will secure your supply chain for many years to come.

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