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AGV trolleys and more… Etisoft for integrators – wide offer, partnership cooperation

12 Mar 2024 - Michał Wąs

Today’s dynamic industrial environment, where automation plays a key role in production process optimization, makes collaboration between companies dealing with various technological aspects extremely significant.  One of the most effective ways to utilize the automation potential is through collaboration between the suppliers of AutoID systems and equipment and industrial automation integrators.  In this text, I will focus on how Etisoft supports industrial automation integrator in providing comprehensive solutions for the industry, with a wide offer including, among others: AGV trolleys (as well as AGV/AMR systems), vision systems, Auto ID systems and much more…

AGV trolleyes

From self-adhesive labels to AGV trolleys. Why Etisoft is a perfect partner for industrial automation integrators

For many years we have been involved in providing solutions in the field of labeling, automatic identification, AGV trolleys, and machine vision systems. A wide range of products includes also labels and adhesive materials, RFID tags, software for designing labels, and label printing equipment. However, the key element of Etisoft’s success is not only the product portfolio but also the ability to work in partnership with industrial automation integrators.

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An industrial automation integrator is an expert in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced automation systems, including industrial robots. The collaboration with Etisoft allows it to harness the potential of fully integrating the systems into the production processes that include:

  • AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) – the key tool in automation-based production plants. AGVs provide safe and efficient material handling between different areas of a production plant, eliminating the need for manual transport and minimizing the risk of accidents and damage.
solution for a industrial automation integrator: AGV trolleys
  • Vision systems – make it possible to automatically recognize, identify, and control the quality of products on the production line. These technologically advanced systems constitute an integral part of the production process in many industries, from food to automotive. They provide not only efficiency but also consistency and compliance with quality requirements based on Deep Learning algorithms as well.
verification of the marking by the vision system
  • Label applicators and printing and application systems which, using standard or customized solutions and precision, make fast and repeatable application of labels to products possible. This accelerates the labeling process and identification of goods on the production line.
automatic label application
  • Label printers and AutoID devices (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) that make it possible to identify and collect data from products, materials, and equipment in real time quickly and reliably. These technologically advanced solutions are essential for industrial automation integrators to ensure full control over production processes and data management optimization.
self-adhesive label printer

Benefits for customers: integrated solutions and comprehensive technical support

Collaboration between Etisoft and industrial automation integrators benefits end customers in a wide range of industries in many ways:

  • Integrated solutions: Integrating Etisoft systems with existing or new production systems enables production lines to run smoothly and reliably, eliminating potential problems related to incompatibility or inefficient product flow.
  • Process optimization: With precise inspection of products and automation of labeling processes, it is possible to increase the speed and accuracy of production processes, which translates into higher efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Technical support: Clients using Etisoft’s integrated solutions have access to technical support from Etisoft and industrial automation integrators, which guarantees quick response to any issues and continuous optimization of solutions.
  • Innovativeness: Through the partnership, Etisoft and industrial automation integrators can continually provide customers with the latest technological solutions that will allow them to be leaders in innovation in their sectors.

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The automation integrator supported by Etisoft enjoys several benefits that allow them to comfortably deliver the final solution as per customer expectations. These are:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Special prices for partners
  • Maintaining stable business conditions
  • Free technical consultations
  • Warranty and post-warranty service, including helpdesk support
  • Service agreements
  • Dedicated technical and commercial workshops
  • Access to e-training and the possibility of training the partner’s employees by Etisoft.

We are delighted to invite automation integrators and machine manufacturers to cooperate with Etisoft – a company specializing in identification and automation solutions. We are convinced that our collaboration can bring mutual benefits and allow you to provide innovative solutions for customers in various industries.

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