AGV/AMR intralogistics systems

Intralogistics systems based on AGV / AMR robots are designed for automatic transport of components and finished products in a factory or warehouse. Moving along the designated routes, they transport standard pallets, containers, and logistics baskets. The operation of AGVs is supervised by the IntraFleet system. The IntraFleet fleet management system makes it possible to design logistics processes and manage traffic considering the infrastructure of the production hall and warehouse, as well as employees moving around. The modular design of AGVs facilitates the process of designing an intralogistics system according to customer needs. The intralogistics system is a solution awarded twice in the “Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production competition in 2020 and in 2022. The system was also appreciated by the Robot Platform in the “Industrial [r]evolution” competition in the category Project that demonstrates an increase in efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

  • optimisation of logistics processes
  • reduction of costs of internal logistics
  • navigation with the aid of magnetic tapes or laser space scanning
  • security systems based on certified components
  • system of automatic battery charging
  • pre-implementation analysis based on a simulation in the FlexSim software.



IntraBot Fork

IntraBot Fork is an autonomous forklift truck that lifts pallets off the floor on its own and transports them to the designated location. It is equipped with a lift that can pick up and place pallets at docking points. The autonomous forklift truck moves independently along the designated routes on the warehouse floor from the place of loading to the place of unloading. IntraBot Fork has been designed to lift and transport EUR1 and EUR3 pallets with loads of up to 550 kg.

  • lifting and transporting pallets
  • handling of wooden and plastic pallets
  • alternative to traditional forklift trucks
  • cooperation with people
  • the forklift truck can be modified according to needs
autonomiczny wózek widłowy

IntraBot Flat

IntraBot Flat is a platform vehicle intended for the transport of loads on pallets received by an external device, e.g., a forklift truck. It has been designed in two versions: for transporting loads of a maximum weight of up to 500 kg and for very heavy loads of up to 1100 kg.  The vehicle moves independently along the designated routes on the warehouse floor from the place of loading to the place of unloading between stations in the production hall.

  • transport of EUR1 or EUR 3 pallets
  • cooperation with a pallet warehouse
  • two models: IntraBot Flat 550 and IntraBot Flat 1100
mobile robot

IntraBot Lift

IntraBot Lift is a self-driving truck equipped with lifting beams of standard EUR1 or EUR3 dimensions. It has been designed in two versions: to transport pallets with a load of 550 kg and 1100 kg. Its task is to replace forklift trucks and their operators. The lift mounted on the self-driving platform makes it easier to load and unload pallets at delivery and collection points.

  • handling of EUR1 or EUR3 pallets
  • two models: IntraBot Lift 550 and IntraBot Lift 1100
  • cooperation with pallet docks
  • transport of logistics baskets (transport baskets)
autonomiczny wózek AGV

IntraBot Stand

IntraBot Stand is an autonomous vehicle adapted to transport racks of production containers. Its structure makes it possible to safely transport racks specially made for the purposes of transport processes. This allows for convenient integration with the production line or conveyors. It has been designed in two versions: for transporting lighter components of up to 500 kg and for exceptionally heavy loads of up to 110 kg.

  • transport of components in production containers
  • modular design which makes it possible to adapt it to your needs
  • two models: IntraBot Stand 550 and IntraBot Stand 1100
autonomiczny robot AGV

IntraBot Pull

IntraBot Pull is an automated vehicle that pulls wagons or logistics baskets on wheels. The logistics train is intended for the transportation of components and finished goods between stations in the production hall. The use of transport basket on wheels without the need for lifting them is an advantage of this solution. The whole internal traffic takes place on the floor.

  • transport of components and production tools around the hall
  • transport of products and goods to and from the warehouse
  • ordering of transport equipment
pociąg logistyczny

IntraBot Cart

IntraBot Cart is an autonomous robot for moving logistics baskets on wheels. It facilitates their transportation and segregation in the production hall and warehouse. Its exceptionally flat design enables it to drive under the transported basket. The self-driving platform has been equipped with a detection, docking and stabilisation system of the transported basket.

  • transport of logistics baskets
  • can move in any direction
  • maximum towing capacity 500 kg
autonomiczny robot AGV

IntraBot Picker

IntraBot Picker is an autonomous robot designed to transport KTL and other containers between shelves and picking stations. The robot is dedicated to warehouse areas closed to human traffic. IntraBot Picker is designed to transport cargo in KLT containers with dimensions of 600x400x270. The robot positions itself relative to the load or shelf thanks to the vision system installed on the robot. KLT containers are taken from the rack or conveyor and placed on the shelves of the vehicle. Then the robot transports them to the picking place and places them on shelves or conveyors.

  • transport of up to 7 KLT containers
  • lifting up to 3.5 meters high
  • transporting containers up to 350 kg

Cooperative devices

Intralogistics systems are not only about mobile robots. A well-designed intralogistics system is complemented by devices which operate closely with robots. Thanks to them the adaptation of the system to the existing plant infrastructure is much easier and more efficient. Suitable mechanical interfaces are taken into consideration at the system design stage and provided during the implementation:

  • drive and roller docks for loading and unloading of pallets
  • automatic pallet lift
  • intelligent pallet buffers
  • automatic empty pallet warehouse


In production halls:

  • supplying components for production,
  • receiving finished products/semi-finished products from production and their transportation to a storage or shipping area,
  • delivery and reception of tool and raw materials to machines,
  • collection of waste and its export to the right zone.

In the logistics and warehousing area:

  • transport of products and goods to and from the warehouse,
  • transport between picking zones and buffer warehouses (supermarkets),
  • ordering of transport equipment in warehouses and supermarkets,
  • other transport activities inside production halls and warehouses.


Together with Etisoft Smart Solutions we provide complete internal logistics systems based on various types of AGVs/AMRs.

We ensure:

  • pre-implementation analysis,
  • design of the entire system,
  • simulation and virtual deployment,
  • deployment of the intralogistics system,
  • maintenance service.

All AGVs designed by us can be navigated in two ways: with the use of floor magnetic tapes or by laser space scanning using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The IntraBot mobile robots together with the associated infrastructure form an automatic onsite transportation system. Their operation is supervised by our original fleet management system IntraFleet. It is a web application which plans single or combined missions within the framework of a single course, manages robot traffic, e.g., by avoiding collisions and congestion, provides necessary statistics and cooperates with the ERP/MES/WMS class systems ensuring automatic exchange of data with the customer’s systems in real time.


  • Automation of processes of supplying components to production lines
  • Automatic delivery system
  • Automatic segregation system
  • Automatic inventory system

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