integracja systemów intralogistycznych

Etisoft Smart Solutions intralogistics systems: integration with the customer’s systems

23 Nov 2021 - Michał Paździorek

Manufacturing companies where engineers are considering improvements to their logistics processes may encounter autonomous solutions using AGVs/AMRs, such as the IntraBot Lift 550. For those interested in an intralogistics system, is the decision to purchase a fleet of robots alone sufficient, or is something more needed to ensure fully efficient logistics?

In this article you will read about how not only the purchase of robots, but also the implementation and integration between the manufacturer’s system and the customer’s systems is essential for the success of the investment and the achieved return rates.

IT integration

IT integration consists in data exchange between the customer’s management systems and an intralogistics system based on mobile robots. There are various classes of systems used by companies. Some of them are enumerated below:

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)
  • MES (manufacturing execution system)
  • WMS (warehouse management system)
  • MFC (material flow control)

Etisoft Smart Solutions selects the right solutions and properly integrates a proprietary intralogistics system IntraFleet with each type of the above-mentioned systems. We can base our experience on successful implementations.

For the Etisoft company, we integrated the master system of mobile robots with the ‘etiSZOP’ production management system. On the basis of the production route data, the system makes independent decisions on the destination of the pallet without operator intervention.

Integration of the production layer

Integration of the production layer consists in the installation of appropriate equipment responsible for sending information to the system on the production line.

A transport order in the intralogistics system can be generated using various signals. Among other things, the source of signal can be:

  • Limit switch – Integration with the production line using limit switches that detect the position of a moving item such as a pallet or a KLT container. The use limit switches makes it possible to generate a signal at the right moment of the production process. Upon receiving the information on the exact location of the load, the mobile robot carries out the assigned transport mission.
  • PLC – Integration with the production line using PLCs makes it possible to automatically generate the signal and create a logistics mission in the IntraFleet system without the participation and decision of the operator
  • Camera – Integration of the code reading camera with the master system makes it possible to automatically generate the transport order By reading the code, the system receives information on where the load should be taken.
  • RFID – Thanks to the use of the scanner, the information about the target logistics dock can be read from an RFID tag located on the pallet and transport orders for the robots can be automatically generated.
For a customer from the automotive industry, we integrated the IntraFleet system with a roll buffer, from an external company, with a capacity of several pallets. The destination is read by a camera from the information stored in a 2D code.

At Etisoft Smart Solutions we design, manufacture, and integrate production automation systems solving our customers’ problems. We approach each enquiry individually and with care. We are aware of the fact that the implementation of the intralogistics system is not only the purchase of a fleet of robots, but also integration with the customer’s processes. We provide substantive support at every stage of the investment.


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