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AGVs/AMRs: pre-implementation analysis of an intralogistics system in 6 steps

21 Nov 2023 - Olaf Dudek

The pre-implementation analysis is a key step in the implementation process of AGV- and AMR-based intralogistics systems. During this process, our experts engage in close collaboration with the client before the system order stage to grasp the needs and requirements to be met by the intelligent mobile robots so that an optimal solution can be selected. The pre-implementation analysis is designed to create an offer that enables the client to see what level of investment they should plan for their budget.

AGVs – objectives and main steps in conducting a pre-implementation analysis

The objective of the analysis is to assess the client’s processes and logistics infrastructure and then to suggest a concept for the realization of cargo transport using AGVs or AMRs. The pre-implementation analysis helps to decide on the implementation and presents the level of required investments, as well as benefits for the client after the implementation of the robotized intralogistics system.

  1. Client preparation

Before the commencement of the pre-implementation analysis, the client sends answers to technical questions about the cargo to be transported, the environment, and logistics processes, which makes it possible to better understand the nature and logistics needs of the plant.

Analiza przedwdrożeniowa robota AGV

2. Plant visit

Following an initial familiarization with the client’s process and environment, an Etisoft Smart Solutions expert visits the plant where the system is to be implemented to understand the specifics of the processes.

3. Meetings and issue development

  • Description of how the system works and the purpose of its implementation.
  • Analysis of existing processes before robotization.
  • Determination of environmental and process conditions for mobile robots.
  • Selection of the type of AGV/AMR.
  • Concept for transport implementation.

4. System operation map

Development of a system operation map, taking into consideration vehicle routes, charging points, logistics points, and obstacles.

How organise transport in a modern company? Read about it!

5. Safety analysis:

General safety analysis of the system operation and discussion about emergency measures.

6. Pre-implementation analysis document:

At the end, the client receives a document that contains the proposed solution, analysis results, the number of proposed AGVs/AMRs, and system performance indicators. Deadlines and a possible implementation schedule are presented as well. At the same time, a quote for the system and its maintenance is presented.

Why is it worth using a pre-implementation analysis?

The pre-implementation analysis is not only a stage to present an offer. This is also an opportunity for clients without a clear vision of how an intralogistics system should work. The analysis conducted by Etisoft Smart Solutions specialists helps to make a decision by outlining the level of investment and benefits once a robotic system has been implemented. It is worth making use of this opportunity especially if the idea of how the system works is hazy and many questions arise.

What does a client receive after the analysis has been conducted?

As a result of the pre-implementation analysis, the client, in collaboration with ESS, receives documentation containing the proposed solution, which serves as the basis for a quote for the intralogistics system. The pre-implementation analysis consists of, among other things:

  • solution including the method of transporting cargo, the type of AMR, the type of navigation, the method of picking up and dropping off the cargo
  • proposed layout for the robot routes
  • location of pick-up, drop-off and action points
  • results of performance calculations
  • proposed number of AGVs/AMRs
  • changes to the client’s infrastructure, if required
  • guidelines for preparing the infrastructure for implementation.


Summing up, the pre-implementation analysis is a key step in the implementation process of the intralogistics system, which, on the one hand, ensures safety in the purchasing process, and on the other hand, provides the client with a comprehensive vision and a specific offer tailored to their unique needs.

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