Labels for vials and test tubes

Identification labels for marking laboratory samples stored at low temperatures have been designed to meet the needs of analytical and microbiology laboratories. They enable you to identify the samples quickly and faultlessly and to carefully track the tests. The labels are characterised by a perfect adhesion to all types of vials, Eppendorf, well plates and Petri dishes. The centrifuging process also doesn’t have a negative impact on the label adhesion to test tubes. They can be stored in dry ice and they also prove useful in multiple freeze and thaw cycles. They guarantee legibility of printed bar codes even after many years of storage. Identification labels for low temperatures are a part of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • perfect adhesion of labels to curved surfaces
  • resistance to storage in dry ice -80°C
  • resistance to water, low-grade cosmetic acids, oils and lubricants and mild solvents
  • intended for long-term storage of samples



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laboratory labels

Labels for low temperatures

27 May 2021 - Agnieszka Biś

Low temperatures are very frequently associated with destructive rather than beneficial effects unless we are talking about the medical or laboratory industry. Freezing of cells and tissues at appropriately low […]

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