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Colour labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Etisoft – manufacturer of labels for the pharmaceutical industry

13 Oct 2023 - Aleksander Wolny

The colour printing of labels for the pharmaceutical industry is technologically implemented in the same way as other multicoloured labels for fast-moving products. A special material required by the pharmaceutical industry may be specified, but it is still a label containing a range of product information. Much of this information is required by law, other components of the print are marketing. The label has to be “pretty”, present the brand in a good way, and enhance the reputation of the manufacturer. To achieve this result, appropriate printing machines are needed, such as, for example, flexographic machines for large-series production or digital machines for smaller runs.

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Why do customers choose Etisoft as their self-adhesive label supplier?

Price is not always at the top of the list of requirements of manufacturers of medicines and supplements. It is obviously important, it has to be within the assumed budget, but as it turns out, it is not the most important. The other elements on the list, although there are a few of them, I would reduce to two, i.e., safety and quality.

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A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with whom we have the pleasure of cooperating has briefly outlined its expectations from prospective suppliers in terms of colour labels for its products.

  • Guarantee of invariability of materials used for production of labels according to the specification
  • 100% good labels
  • No missing labels, 100% labels on the roll
  • Maximum two seams per roll, made with foil in the appropriate colour so that they are visible
  • The outer diameter of the roll more than 400 mm
  • The rolls are to start and end with 5-metre-long sections without labels provided that they are not stuck
  • Label reference number and consecutive label number on the roll printed on the liner provided that the printing does not transfer onto the label
  • Certificates, a quality certificate and 20 labels are shipped together to the quality department with each delivery.

 How we produce labels for the pharmaceutical industry

etykiety farmaceutyczne
  • We have chosen the right suppliers of materials from our portfolio according to the customer’s specifications. In many cases, these had to be materials, paper, or foil with low-migration adhesives, to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products
  • The labels are manufactured on large-series flexographic machines which allow for printing using 8 colours
  • The requirement for 100% good labels on a roll, without any defects, the beginning and end of the roll without labels, and numbering on the liner is carried out on highly efficient automatic packaging machines equipped with vision systems. If an error is detected in the printing and the label is removed from the ribbon, the roll in whole is sent for the so-called REINSPECTION process, where, in whole, it undergoes quality verification once again. The printing on the liner under each label is carried out using high-efficiency inkjet printer heads. The requirement to have no labels at the beginning and end of the roll is carried out in an automatic way in the same process.
  • Appropriate certificates and quality certificates are issued by the employees of the quality department, whereas the data are downloaded from the ETISZOP system, where all materials and tools used during production of a particular label batch are recorded.
  • During production, the quality department also collects the right quantity of labels for quality documentation and for shipment of the agreed quantity with each delivery to the customer.

Guarantee of product safety and quality

Benefits for manufacturers of medicines and dietary supplements resulting from cooperation with Etisoft:

  • The choice of materials from our reputed suppliers enables us to meet the customer’s expectations regarding the invariability of the materials used for a particular project
  • Vision inspection and “reinspection” process ensure that the customer receives 100% good labels
  • Leader ribbons at the beginning and end of the label roll make it easier to attach the rolls to the application equipment
  • The reference number underneath each label ensures that the right label is used for the right product, which can be verified even during the application process of the labels to the product.

The consecutive number of the label on a particular roll printed on the liner guarantees:

  • that there is a set number of labels on the roll at the end of product application
  • facilitates verification of how many labels were used to manufacture a given batch of medicines
  • ensures, by comparing the number of products and labels used from the roll, that no label was misuses.

etykiety farmaceutyczne

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