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Permanent labeling, accuracy, and precision in medical and pharmaceutical industry markings 

11 Jan 2024 - Mariusz Baranowski

In today’s dynamic world, where health and safety are priorities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories must operate extremely accurately and precisely. Markings, including permanent product labeling, are vital for ensuring clarity, traceability, and safety for medical personnel, patients, and laboratory researchers. Accuracy and precision are not only the standard, but the pillar guaranteeing the effectiveness of therapies, the quality of health care, and the reliability of test results. When you go for medical checkups and give samples for testing, you trust that the tests will be performed with due diligence, resulting in an accurate diagnosis. 

But what happens to your samples when you leave them at the doctor’s office? But what happens to your samples when you leave them at the doctor’s office? 

Permanent labeling of samples eliminates the likelihood of making mistakes

Our sample, just like any other one, is first labeled. The bar code links the sample to the test order. Such marking must be durable and not susceptible to reaction with other substances. The print must not smudge, and must not be scratchable, briefly, it must be resistant to everything that may be encountered in a diagnostic laboratory. 

The properties of such marking should be indicative of the highest standard and quality, and the print should be resistant to: 

  • Extreme temperatures in the sterilization process and cryogenics, 
  • Alcohol, cleaning agents, and blood, 
  • Frequent handling, touching, and friction. 

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Such high standards minimize, if not eliminate, the likelihood of making mistakes or interrupting the diagnosis process due to an illegible bar code or 2D code. 

permanent labelling on tubes

The Diamond Resin SP thermal transfer ribbon offered by Etisoft is the right solution for this type of application. The high quality of the product will not let the print smudge ensuring its resistance to alcohol and cleaning agents. Thanks to that bar codes and 2D codes will always be legible. 

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Extreme markings 

In some cases, the print must be resistant to temperatures ranging from -196°C to even +200°C. It is the cryogenics and sterilization process that set the bar so high. 

Cryogenic marking

in the case of the markings used in cryogenics, it is legible and permanent labeling that guarantees correct identification of the material and faultless identification of the patient. This happens even after long baths in liquid nitrogen. 

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Printing made with the Diamond Resin CR ribbon offered by Etisoft ensures a permanent marking that meets all the requirements set by cryogenics. Thanks to the resin-based ink, which bonds with a variety of high-quality synthetic materials, it provides perfect resistance to scratching and smearing in harsh conditions. 

Labelling blood and other fluid bags 

The identification and management of blood bags is an extremely important process. A mistake due to an illegible label can be life-threatening for patients. To ensure patient safety, the label on a blood bag must remain legible throughout its life cycle. In this case, a high-quality thermal transfer ribbon with wax/resin ink can be the right solution. The Diamond Mix Pro thermal transfer ribbon offered by Etisoft guarantees superb bar code and 2D code printing, and extremely high resistance to contact with blood and plasma. The ribbon is compatible with label materials commonly used with blood bags. 

Blood bag markings

Precision in medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industry labeling is critical for the safety, the efficacy of therapy, and the reliability of test results. With technological advancements and regulatory changes, it is essential to continuously improve labeling processes to meet the increasing public, medical, and laboratory expectations. The actions taken in this area are essential to the quality of health care and advances in science. 

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Thermal transfer ribbons offered by Etisoft come in various widths. Additionally, they are compatible with devices from such well-known manufacturers as CITIZEN, ZEBRA, TSC, HONYEWELL, or PRINTRONIX. 

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