Labels for cryogenic racks and shelving

Cryo labels are also used for identification of metal shelving, aluminium cassettes, x-ray film cartridges, aluminium vials, aluminium and stainless-steel boxes, tools, hardware, and other metal objects.  Cryo self-adhesive labels are resistant to extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) in the freezer chambers.  That’s why they are recommended for marking cryogenic racks and shelving in tissue and cell banks. They remain intact after multiple freeze and thaw cycles. They guarantee legibility of printed information even after many years of storage. Identification labels for cryogenic applications are a part of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • resistance to storage in liquid nitrogen -196°C
  • resistance to storage in dry ice -80°C
  • perfect adhesion of labels to many metal surfaces
  • intended for long-term storage of samples




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