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Label applicators – devices intended for automatic application of labels directly to a product or its packaging. They are intended for application of previously prepared labels that contain permanent information and graphic elements. Label applicators are intended for application directly on the production lines where the efficiency of label application is adjusted to the speed of the “moving” products. The applicators guarantee the maintenance of repetitive high accuracy of label application and significantly reduce the possibility of accidental human errors. Depending on the type, they make it possible to apply a label to various surfaces regardless of shape and material the product is made of. The applicators, by reducing the direct contact of employees with the production line, have influence on the improvement of work safety in an enterprise. The offer includes devices of the following brands: Label-Aire, ASE.

  • high efficiency of up to 127 m/min. of production line operation.
  • high precision of label application of up to ± 0.4 mm
  • can be applied to various places on a product (top/side/front/back/bottom)
  • various ways of label application by touching and pressing, and by blowing – in a non-contact way.
  • labels can be applied on flat and oval-shaped surfaces and in a wrap-around way.
  • possibility of application of various label sizes and shapes
  • possibility of integration with the production line
  • optimisation of costs related to the label application process



Label applicator for use on the production line

The labelling machine is an efficient tool for process optimisation in modern production. There are plenty of advantages of using an applicator, from accuracy to cost-effectiveness to increased work safety. Would you like to use this tool in your company? Check out Etisoft applicator offer!

What is a label applicator for?

The purpose of the labelling machine is to apply labels directly to the product or product packaging. It is an ideal solution for applying ready-made labels with printed information and graphics.

The label applicator is a key to increasing the efficiency of the production line!

The industry of the 21st century needs solutions that reduce costs, optimise processes, and increase work safety. The label applicator adapted to operation right on the production line meets these requirements. The machines are specially designed to adjust to the conditions dictated by the production line. They can adjust the labelling performance to the speed of “moving” products.  They also ensure the maintenance of repetitive high precision of label application.

The labelling machine can relieve workers of labelling tasks directly on the production line.  This has two main advantages:

Greater work safety through the reduction in the direct contact of employees with the production line.

Reduction in the number of possible accidental human errors through the guarantee of repeatability.

Label applicator – how does it work?

The labelling machines available at Etisoft are compatible with label printers from many manufacturers (e.g., Zebra, TSC,

The machine precisely applies the label both to moving and stationary products. The possible ways of label application include touching and pressing and blowing – in a non-contact way.

With the help of an I/O port they are also suitable for communication with PLCs. This allows for integration into the existing production line and communication with higher-level systems.

What can a label applicator mark?

Virtually everything. Labelling machines offered by Etisoft can be used for marking various products, regardless of their shape or material they are made of. The label applicator will handle labelling of flat, oval, curved or rough surfaces.

Here are a few simple examples:

  • Cardboard box: one of the most common packaging versions. The label applicator applies the label with great precision, whether on the top of the box, on its sides, corners, or anywhere else without having to turn the packaging.
  • Fragile, oval, or irregularly shaped products: innovative blow-on technology provides fast and precise product labelling without damage.
  • Rough surfaces: the pressure application method is suitable for rough, irregular surfaces (e.g., pallets).

How is the label applied to the packaging?

As it has been mentioned before, to adapt to various surfaces, labelling equipment applies the label to the product or packaging in different ways:

Blowing – a fast and accurate method for products with fixed dimensions and repeatable positioning.

Pressing – frequently used when the product to be labelled is stopped. Application to almost any surface. Precise and reliable.

Blowing with an extension of the application tip – the head with the label stops in front of the product surface and blows in onto the target place. It works well on uneven surfaces too.

Wipe/Merge – ideal for application of all labels to flat surfaces.  It works well with long labels.

Label applicator – advantages

Advantages of the labelling machine

With the introduction of a labelling machine, you can say goodbye to inaccuracy and accidental errors:

  • Simple and efficient production line integration
  • Optimisation of labelling costs
  • High performance: our labelling machines can increase production line speed up to 127 m/minute
  • Exceptional accuracy (up to ±0.8mm if several conditions are met)
  • Possibility to apply to the product anywhere: at the bottom, top, back, side or several places using one device
  • Various label application methods, adapted to the characteristics of different surfaces.
  • Application of labels of various sizes and shapes
  • User-friendly operation, clear operator panel
  • Easy to operate
  • Long lifespan

 Why choose a label applicator from Etisoft offer

Selecting the best possible solutions is essential to our company. We are inspired by our customers’ satisfaction: we tailor our solutions to their unique needs, that is why we are developing with them. We base our actions on individual approach and continuous innovativeness. We ensure on-time deliveries regardless of the circumstances and we always place a lot of emphasis on developing our competences and offer.

Our product offer is continuously developing in accordance with our customers’ expectations and changes on the market since our objective is to maximally satisfy the needs of our customers.

Brands of applicators you can trust

Etisoft range of labelling machines consists of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. We do not compromise on quality! Discover the production line marking brands in our offer:

Label-Aire: an innovative American company which has patented the technology of applying a label by blowing it onto the surface of the product. They have been supplying their reliable, state-of-the-art equipment to many industries for 50 years.

ASE: 20 years of experience and technological innovativeness are behind the Italian company’s excellent products.  Their objective is to provide reliable, flexible, and easy to integrate labelling systems, which are responsible for all industry challenges.

Our team of experts is at your disposal, contact us!

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