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WRAPTEC – device for marking hoses, cables, tubes and other long products round in shape

1 Jun 2021 - Michał Wąs

Label application on cylindrical objects of various diameters but little length with the use of semi-automatic or fully automatic method can be conducted in a few ways. The idea of the solution is rotation of a labelled product and linear feeding of a label with its simultaneous pressing onto the product surface.

In case of long cylindrical objects such as hoses, tubes, wires and rollers, rotation of a product for the purposes of label application on the wrapper is impossible or it significantly complicates the process of label application. The reason for that is the need for appropriate positioning and stabilisation/tension of the product. Thus, how can hoses, cables, tubes etc., generally products round in shape, be marked with labels?

Label applicator for marking round, long productsabelling cylindrical products – what do you need to know?

Etisoft has developed and launched to the market the solution implemented in the device called Wraptec-APL for the operation within the scope of labelling of such long, cylindrical products. Above all, it makes it possible to eliminate existing inconvenient and inaccurate manual label wrapping. Thereby, the activity of the operator wearing gloves is completely eliminated thanks to the application of our solutions.

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The device has a label roll unwinder and a liner winder. After separating the label from the liner, on the peeling-off edge a specialist rotating head applies the label onto the product surface without the need for its rotation. The label may be applied in an overlapping manner or around the incomplete circumference of the product if the length of the label is shorter than the circumference of the labelled product.

Features and advantages of the Wraptec device

The basic version of the Wraptec device operates in a semi-automatic mode which consists in a manual (or with the use of the robot’s clamps) insertion of a product to be labelled. It’s possible to manufacture a device in an automatic version. Then the product before possible cutting, bending or coiling is covered with the label as it moves through the application head in subsequent cycles.

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  • Desktop structure and dimension enable the device to be placed in any location.
  • In a standard configuration Wraptec can be used for products with a diameter from 8 to 18 mm and a label that is 10-70 mm wide and 40-110 mm long.
  • Integrated indicator lights inform about the status of the device and possible errors. Optionally added input/output port makes two-way communication with a steering control system possible.

The Wraptec device is a perfect solution for production lines that manufacture long products that are cylindrical in shape and made of any material, and of proper elasticity.

Direct label printout before winding around the product

The development of functionality of the Wraptec-APL device is its younger brother WRAPTEC-P&A, which has been equipped with a thermal transfer printer. Such integration makes a direct label printout possible before the label gets wrapped around the product. The applied TSC MH340T printer with an integrated label separation module and internal liner winding mechanism after their separation introduces modularity of the solution. In case of the printer failure, it can be easily replaced with a replacement printer without the need for servicing the whole device. High quality printing is guaranteed thanks to the head with resolution of 300 dpi and appropriate choice of consumables.

aplikator etykiet

An indisputable advantage of the device is the possibility to wrap a label around the product dedicated for it, e.g. through printout of a unique identity tag, series number or barcode. Marking efficiency (up to 720 pcs./h) depends on the diameter of the product and the length of the label. It boils down to the establishment of the maximum number of application head rotations around the marked product.

While increasing the dimension of the device it was possible to maintain its desktop character and increase the scope of diameters of products it can be used for up to 40 mm. The applied Siemens  control guarantees reliability and makes easy modification of the device functionality to meet individual needs possible.

Here you can find data sheets of: Wraptec-APL, Wraptec P&A.


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