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Label applicator for home appliance companies 

5 Mar 2024 - Michał Wąs

Manufacturers of appliances in the white goods sector apply labels of different types to their products. These can be marketing labels, promotional labels, labels containing technical and service data, nameplates, and energy labels. In most cases, label application operations are performed manually on home appliance production lines. There is an employee assigned to it whose task is to perform labeling operations during production. In this text, I will focus on why companies in the home appliance industry should consider label applicator in their current production. I will also focus on the issue of which equipment they can and should be integrated with.

labels on household appliances

Why is the label applicator a good solution for serial production?

It is considered standard for production line operators in the home appliance industry to be required to work with gloves. This is done for safety reasons as well as to maintain the quality and aesthetics of manufactured products. Peeling labels manually or picking them from automatic dispensers/feeders is a difficult time-consuming operation. This can also have an impact on qualitative and performance objectives. Due to the possible rush caused by the takt time, there is a real threat that full product labeling will not be performed. 

application of labels on household appliances

Serial production in the household goods industry is frequently carried out with fixed end-product dimensions or minor changes. This makes it easy to implement the solution for automatic label application. Taking into consideration the fact that most assembly operations in the production of such equipment are performed manually, with a fixed maximum takt time for each station, an automatic label applicator can be easily integrated into such a process. It will provide effective and precise label application in the case of repeated product positioning.

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Pneumatic solutions used in appliances of this type for the home appliance industry are fitted with a specially designed label applicator tip. What is important is that, despite contact with the product surface, the tip will not dent or scratch it while the label is being applied. It is a perfect solution for the application of large and small labels and plates, both to flat and convex surfaces. 

labels applied to household appliances

Pneumatic label applicators of this type have a small number of movable elements. Therefore, they can successfully operate in the vicinity of other workers on the production line without posing a danger to them.  

Which devices can the automatic label applicator be integrated with?

If there is a need to apply a label to which individual information (e.g., serial number, test result) must be printed, the pneumatic applicator can be fitted with a thermal transfer printer module. A similar situation occurs when the applied label contains an RFID tag, and it is necessary to write dedicated information to its internal memory. 

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The automatic label application system in the home appliance sector can be easily integrated with an optional vision camera or a code scanner. Immediately after the label has been applied, the presence of the label on the product is verified or its position is inspected. In addition, you can verify codes (bar code or 2D code), inscriptions/digits, and other distinctive graphic elements that are components of the label. Correct verification releases the product for the next stage in the production process ensuring a correctly performed automatic product labeling process. 

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