Pharmaceutical labels

We offer labels for the packaging of medicine and pharmaceutical raw materials in compliance with the Falsified Medicine Directive and customer requirements. The labels are manufactured from materials dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry with a non-migration adhesive and ISEGA, EMA and FDA certificates. Additionally, we provide numbering of each label manufactured to keep records of medicine labelling on production lines. Labels for medication are packaged in rolls that make the use of automatic Print&Apply application systems possible.

  • materials dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry
  • ISEGA, EMA and FDA certificates
  • Braille inscriptions
  • numbering of each label
  • multicolored overprint



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laboratory labels

Labels for low temperatures

27 May 2021 - Agnieszka Biś

Low temperatures are very frequently associated with destructive rather than beneficial effects unless we are talking about the medical or laboratory industry. Freezing of cells and tissues at appropriately low […]

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