Drukarka do etykiet logistycznych

Small thermal printer for logistics labels. Which one to choose?

28 Mar 2023 - Arkadiusz Krużycki

Every manufacturing company, regardless of what it ships, is required to apply a logistics label to the shipment. This means printing and applying the appropriate shipping label to the shipment. The decision about which logistics label printer to choose depends on how many labels and in what size you need. The type of your business activity is also the reason for choosing a desktop printer.  This device, due to its ease of use and lack of accessories such as toner and ink, is willingly selected by stores and manufacturers who need labels on a daily basis in small and medium print runs.

From the following text:

  • you will learn what the differences between the thermal printers we offer are and what you will gain by choosing a specific model
  • you will decide whether a thermal printer can meet your requirements
  • you will learn about Etisoft offer of shipping label printers.

Additionally, you can acquaint yourself with the program for self-design of logistics labels.

Logistics label printers, and the GS1 standard

GS1 logistic label are now the standard in logistics. They come in two sizes: 105×148 mm and 148×210 mm 150×210 mm. In logistics, the former is more frequently used.

GS1 logistics labels. And do you label your shipments correctly?

Here are 4-inch shipping label printers for printing GS1 logistics labels with a width of 105 mm that are compliant with the requirements:

  • Citizen CL-S521 – desktop thermal printer

Citizen CL-S521 is a small-sized desktop shipping label printer, which makes thermal transfer printing possible. The resolution of this printer is 203 dpi. This completely enables you to print bar codes in a legible manner and read the information stored in the code, as well as other basic descriptions. This printer is user-friendly due to the ease of exchanging consumables. As an additional advantage, the printer can be retrofitted with an Ethernet network card module or Wi-Fi card.

Drukarka Citizen CL-S521
EmulationEPLII, ZPLII, Datamax
Printing technologyThermal
Resolution203 dpi
Maximum print width104 mm
Maximum print speed150 mm/s
Outer diameter of label roll200 mm
Maximum media width118 mm
  • TSC TE200 – excellent quality at a low price

TSC offers a very wide range of desktop printers. One of the most interesting is the TE200 series, specifically the TE210 model. When thinking about this printer, you need to consider at the purchase stage what method will be used to connect the printer to the computer.  Will it be a USB port, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi or perhaps Bluetooth? This is crucial because the connections are integrated into the motherboard.  This means that the printer cannot be retrofitted with these connections. Compared to most desktop printers, the TE210 printer has a rather large casing, which makes it possible to insert label rolls with a large diameter of up to 127 mm.

drukarka TSC TE200
EmulationEPL, ZPL, DPL
Printing technologyThermal/thermal transfer
Resolution203 dpi
Maximum print width108 mm
Maximum print speed152 mm/s
Outer diameter of label roll127 mm
Maximum media width112 mm
  • Zebra ZD421 – one of the smallest 4-inch desktop printers

Zebra ZD421 printer is the successor to the hugely successful GK42 and ZD420 series. It is a refreshed printer both in terms of design and newer software. Thanks to that, the ZD421 is even better and more efficient. It is better because it significantly increases print speeds. It is larger and more efficient, because it can print more per shift than the GK series. These are significant changes. This printer will perfectly handle the printing of GS1 logistics labels. Even large shipping warehouses will be able to operate smoothly with this printer. The printer can be further equipped with standard accessories such as a peeler, cutter or Wi-Fi card.

drukarka do etykiet Zebra ZD421
EmulationEPLII, ZPLII, XML, PDF Direct
Printing technologyThermal/thermal transfer
Resolution203 dpi
Maximum print width104 mm
Maximum print speed152 mm/s
Outer diameter of label roll127 mm
Maximum media width108 mm
  • Zebra ZT111 semi-industrial printer for heavy-duty work

The latest printer, though semi-industrial, but just as suitable for operation in the logistics chain, is the Zebra ZT111. The printer comes in both thermal and thermal transfer versions. It has a metal casing which provides it with durability. The printer is larger than the previous models described, which should translate into stability and operation continuity. A larger casing makes it possible to insert label rolls with a diameter of up to 203 mm into the printer. This translates into fewer interruptions when inserting a new label roll. If need be, the printer can be additionally equipped with a peeler, cutter as well as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

Drukarka do etykiet logistycznych Zebra ZT111
Printing technologyThermal/thermal transfer
Resolution203 dpi
Maximum print width104 mm
Maximum print speed152 mm/s
Outer diameter of label roll203 mm
Maximum media width114 mm

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