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Colour labels for screws, bolts…

26 Nov 2020 - Marek Gaweł

On-demand printing in production and distribution of fastening elements

Increasing popularity of personalised, limited or unique products makes it more and more common for us to look for flexible solutions that we can introduce to the production process by ourselves. The branch that manufactures and distributes screws, bolts and other fastening elements faced this problem. A growing number of wholesale customers, increasing requirements and expectations of customers have led to the need for a change in the product label management. The purchase of a printing device, and printing colour labels by yourself, with any pattern and in any quantity, turns out to be an efficient solution. On-demand printing of colour labels means minimisation of inventory balance of printed labels and no waste.

On-demand printing of colour labels – be visible and competitive

What else do we gain from on-demand printing? Thanks to a thorough analysis of the cost of label printing a user can at any moment make a decision about a change of graphics while keeping full cost efficiency. Colour label printers of leading manufacturers such as TrojanLabel, QuickLabel and EPSON can be used with a wide range of media. Paper or foil labels with a matte or glossy finish will make the product significantly more recognizable.

etykiety na śrubki i wkręty

While making a decision about purchasing a printing device, it’s worth considering a target label format and daily printing volume. In most cases it will enable you to find an appropriate device that will meet your needs.

EPSON 3500 printer is a perfect solution for beginners and users who are sensitive to the purchase price. It’ll also prove very useful as an alternative solution.

etykiety na śrubki i wkręty

This little printer will enable you to obtain satisfactory printouts on both matte and glossy media. Easy operation and LCD display that informs the user about the status of ink and printer on an ongoing basis.

How to decrease ink consumption during on-demand label printing?

QL-120X printer will be a proper choice for more advanced users who expect top print quality and possibility to integrate the device with production systems.

etykiety na śrubki i wkręty

A print head with a resolution of 1200dpi provides bright colours and best-in-class print quality.  It’s also one of a few devices of this type on the market which offer a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee that ensures certainty and safety of production. A highly efficient ink application process guarantees ink consumption savings even on the level of 35% in comparison with competitive solutions.

If you expect a high volume, professional colour label printer, you should consider buying the TROJAN T2-C.

etykiety na śrubki i wkręty

The first, highly efficient desktop available on the market that guarantees printing of long series 24/7. The maximum print width is 223mm, resolution of as many as 1600dpi guarantees top quality printing of colour product labels.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to optimise your business and need flexible solutions you should benefit from the opportunity which on-demand colour label printing provides. Contact with us.


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