Identification labels

Identification labels are used in laboratories for marking samples. They enable you to quickly and faultlessly identify the material sample and to carefully track the tests. Specially selected labels are characterised by perfect adhesion to all and any types of test tubes, laboratory glassware and metal elements. The labels are resistant to extremely low temperatures, humidity, detergents, chemical substances and dyes. They guarantee readability of the printed information even after many years of storage. Self-adhesive labels for sample identification constitute one of the elements of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • resistance of labels to extremely low temperatures of -80°C and -196°C
  • perfect adhesion of the label to many surfaces
  • resistance of the label to centrifuging
  • resistance to xylene, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, formalin, toluene and acetone, fixatives and dye



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