Colour label printers

Inkjet and laser printers allow you to print colour labels and variable information on demand, i.e., without preparing printing plates. Thanks to them, manufacturers and retailers can print high-quality colour stickers as needed. Self-printing of colour labels with any graphic design enables you to reduce the cost of keeping a stock of printed labels. An additional advantage of colour printers is easy operation and printing directly from a file. Our offer includes EPSON and AstroNova inkjet and laser printers. We provide self-adhesive labels for laser and inkjet printing, inks, and consumables. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for AstroNova equipment.


  • printing high quality colour labels
  • on-demand label printing, even single pieces
  • possibility of quick change of the design of printed labels
  • possibility of printing on paper and foil labels
  • Epson inks approved for food contact
  • ongoing access to inkjet and laser labels



Desktop colour label printers

The small dimensions of desktop printers make it possible to use them at any workstation. For those beginning the adventure of self-printing colour labels, the EPSON ColorWorks C3500 and C4000 or the Quicklabel QL-E100 from AstroNova are recommended. Desktop printers provide a satisfactory quality of printed labels. The capacity of these devices makes it possible to print several hundred labels daily. They are designed for small manufacturing plants, small cosmetic companies, garden stores, florists, or coffee roasting plants.

Semi-industrial colour label printers

EPSON ColorWorks printers are professional colour label printers. The 1200 dpi print head resolution provides superior print quality on paper and synthetic labels. The EPSON ColorWorks C600 and C7500 are a series of printers with a standard print head width of 4 inches. For wide ribbon printing, printers with an 8-inch print head are recommended – EPSON ColorWorks C6500 printers available with a peeler or cutter. Of semi-industrial printers for large print runs, it is also worth recommending Quicklabel and AstroNova equipment. QL-120Xe, QL-120X and QL-120D 4-inch printers and for wide-format printouts – the Quicklabel QL-850 model. A print head with a resolution of 1200dpi ensures best-in-class print quality. The inkjet technology allows you to efficiently print labels in industrial quantities, satisfying the needs of even demanding users.

For a bit more advanced users who expect top print quality and possibility to integrate the device with production systems, Quicklabel QL-300 laser printer is recommended. A high-capacity printer with a print head of 1200dpi provides vivid colours on paper and foil labels. Available in a 4-color CMYK or a 5-color CMYK+W (with a white toner) version. AstroNova devices are the best industrial color label printers on the market.

Industrial colour printers for large print runs

TrojanLabel industrial label printers from AstroNova provide you with the ability to professionally print labels in-house, without the need for outsourcing. The high-capacity TrojanLabel T2-C series printers allow you to print long series, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The remarkably high resolution of the 1600 dpi print head ensures top quality printing of colour labels using inkjet technology.

ETISOFT has been a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for 30 years. We offer labels prepared for colour printing on laser and inkjet printers. We constantly sell consumables for all color printers, i.e. inks, maintenance boxes, print heads, external winders, unwinders, slitters. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for AstroNova printers.

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