Why does 3M VHB tape streamline the mounting of photovoltaic panels? Learn about the four advantages!

13 Feb 2024

The crucial element in the installation of solar systems is the mounting of photovoltaic panels. The panels must be firmly fixed to ensure their durability and safe operation for many years. A reliable solution in the mounting process of photovoltaic panels is the use of 3M VHB tapes.

What argues for the choice of 3M VHB tapes in the mounting process of photovoltaic panels?

Surely their high durability and adhesion. These two factors make 3M VHB tape an excellent material for fixing panels on various surfaces. Here we mean:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • wood
  • glass.

3M VHB tape was designed for industrial applications that demand appropriate strength and durability. The tape is also resistant to varying atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, sun, and extreme temperatures. Thus, we gain an excellent solution for photovoltaic panels that are exposed to the above-mentioned factors.

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How does 3M VHB tape streamline the mounting process?

  • easy mounting
  • lower risk of defects
  • mounting on various surfaces
  • resistance to atmospheric conditions

Using 3M VBH tapes in the installation of photovoltaic panels has many advantages. First, such a form of fixing certainly makes mounting easier and faster than traditional methods such as drilling holes and fastening with screws. It also results in fewer potential defects, which leads to lower costs and lower risk of damage to the panels.

VHB tapes and double side tapes – new possibilities of bonding low energy plastics

3M tape effectively distributes the stresses generated during panel mounting on non-homogeneous or sensitive surfaces. This ensures that the panels are evenly loaded, which increases their durability and minimizes the risk of cracking or damage.

photovoltaic panels

Another added value while mounting photovoltaic panels is tape resilience and easy adjustment to various mounting configurations. The tape comes in different thickness and width versions. Therefore, it can be tailored to the individual needs of a particular project. VHB tape can be used both when mounting panels directly to the surface and when mounting panels to a frame structure.

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Using 3M VHB tape in mounting photovoltaic panels is an effective solution that ensures a robust and durable joint while minimizing the risk of damage. Due to its durability, resilience, and resistance to atmospheric conditions, the tape significantly improves the photovoltaic panel mounting process.

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