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Flexible printing of bag labels via Epson C7500 Colorworks as well as applying labels on coffee bags in-line with a fully automatic bagging and filling system

15 Mar 2023 - David Woetmann


Has laid out a completely new strategy for their product labels.

The labels should be more eye-catching, have an exclusive expression and be more descriptive than before.

Stellini Kaffe has set up a complete bagging/filling solution in collaboration with Pack-Engineering and with Etisoft Nordic Epson C7500 Colorworkscolour label printer for printing their labels in-line.

With their new fully automated system, the task of filling and labeling their coffee bags is simplified.

Stellini Kaffe can now quickly adjust their production and change their print layouts.

With Epson C7500 Colorworks printer…

… fitted in-line with their bagging/filling system the labels are automatically dispensed onto bags in the filling process.

Colour printing in high quality with Epson C7500 Etisoft Nordic solved the task for Stellini Kaffe with the Epson C7500 Colorworks printer.

Colour label printer – check the best for you!

In collaboration with Pack-Engineering, Stellini coffee received a complete bagging/filling system with an EPSON C7500 in-line printer solution.

Stellini Kaffe can now quickly adjust their production, change their print layouts, and print them instantly in the desired number.

Stellini Kaffe uses the NiceLabel layout program to design and print their labels, and with their new fully automatic system the task of filling and labeling of the coffee bags is simplified.

With Epson’s optimized printing technology, the print cost per label is reduced to an extremely competitive level.

Coffee must be perfect and always ready

With our coffee solutions, you can be sure of both. We know what it takes and were the first to introduce real coffee into offices back in 1999. Today, we stand on the sholulders of many years of experience and development.

Coffee with love

At a time when filter coffee was the norm and often brewed from ground old beans, it was Roberto Stellini’s mission to introduce the Danes to real coffee.

Italian passion for coffee combined with a background as a barista with inspiration from American café environment trends, was Roberto Stellini’s starting point to bring the café environment into Danish workplaces.

Bo Skyggelund, director:

Provided it is brewed with many years of experience and an equal measure of passion and precision.

At Stellini we are extremely careful when selecting the green beans.

So geeky that we cannot even imagine not also hand-roasting the beans ourselves according to Italian methods in our own micro-roastery.

Ask about offer for you!

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