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16 Apr 2024 - Mariusz Baranowski

In the maze of data on packaging, there is a key to excellence – TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprint) ribbons from Etisoft! This technology makes it possible to marking packaging accurately, legibly, and efficiently on flexible packaging such as plastic bags and sleeves.  In the following text, you will learn how manufacturers of food and hygiene products, among other things, can use this type of wax/resin ribbon for Inline printers.

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Marking packaging with TTO tapes. When to use them?

TTO ribbons are used in many industries and sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electrical engineering, and many others.  Here are a few situations in which using TTO ribbons is particularly beneficial:

  1. Expiration date printing: When it comes to food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products, it is significant to print precise expiration dates onto packaging. The TTO technology makes it possible to print this information onto finished packaging, keeping it up-to-date and legible.
  2. Serial numbering: In certain industries, such as electrical engineering, manufacturing involves unique serial numbers for each product. TTO makes it easy to print these numbers onto finished packaging, providing durable and legible identification of each product.
  3. Bar codes and identifiers: TTO technology is also used for printing various bar codes, such as EAN, CODE 128, and 2D codes. This makes it possible to read information quickly and accurately from the packaging, facilitating warehouse management, logistics, and product tracking in the supply chain.
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There are many advantages of using this technology in companies. Most importantly, it provides the flexibility and versatility of printing variable data onto finished packaging. This enables companies to customize information for different products easily. They are also approved for food contact.

A new force from Etisoft

Etisoft, a leading player in the industrial solutions market for years, is proud to introduce the newest type of thermal transfer ribbons: TTO ribbons. GRAPHITE MIX PACK has been designed to meet customers’ growing needs and demands while providing not only exceptional print quality but also several other benefits.

Precision and durability: GRAPHITE MIX PACK from Etisoft provides exceptional precision in printing variable data onto packaging. With advanced thermal transfer technology, the prints are durable and resistant to environmental conditions, ensuring the legibility of information for a long time.

Versatility of applications: GRAPHITE MIX PACK is a versatile solution for many industries, from food to pharmaceuticals and electrical engineering. This allows companies to effectively adapt to specific production requirements by printing various data such as expiration dates, serial numbers, bar codes, and 2D codes.

Flexibility: The TTO technology makes it possible to flexibly customize data on the packages, which means you can personalize the information according to customer needs. Not only does this add value to the product, but it also helps to build customer loyalty.

Compatibility: We offer TTO ribbons in various widths. What is significant, they are compatible with equipment from renowned manufacturers, including Markem-Imaje, Videojet, Novexx, Savema, and others.

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How to print and maintain high print quality on a thin and flexible surface. Check!

Cooperation with ETISOFT

By choosing TTO ribbons from Etisoft, you are not only guaranteed excellent print quality but also expert support and a tailored approach to customer needs. Through innovative solutions and advanced technology, Etisoft supports its customers in achieving higher manufacturing efficiency, while enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening their position in the market.

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