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Chemical labels and pictograms. Print on demand with color labels

11 Apr 2024 - Mariusz Bielecki

With the development of the chemical industry and the increasing requirements on safety and identification of chemical products, ever greater attention is being paid to proper substance marking and labeling. In this regard, The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and the CLP (Classification, Labeling, Packaging) regulation are the key points of reference. The regulations implemented to standardize the labeling of chemical substances impose specific requirements on what chemical labels and pictograms should look like and what content and form they should have.

One of the challenges that companies must take up is to ensure compliance with the labeling regulations while maintaining flexibility and efficiency in the production process. Using color label printers which makes it possible to print GHS labels on demand is a solution for many companies.

Chemical labels compliant with the regulations in force

chemical labels

The GHS and the CLP regulations precisely specify the required elements of chemical labels and their sizes. They also take into account the size of the packaging. The label should be adjusted to the size of the packaging so that it is legible and clear to users.

Under the CLP regulation:

  • for packaging with a capacity of fewer than 3 liters, the minimum dimensions of the chemical label are 52 mm x 74 mm, with pictograms with minimum dimensions of 10 mm x 10 mm.
  • for packaging with a capacity of 3 to 50 liters, the label should be larger, with minimum dimensions of 74 mm x 105 mm, and the pictograms must be larger as well.
  • the minimum dimensions of the label for packaging with a capacity of more than 50 liters are 105 mm x 148 mm, with larger pictograms, with minimum dimensions of 32 mm x 32 mm.

GHS labels must also contain all the required information relating to substance classification, chemical composition, safety warnings, and emergency response instructions.

Four benefits of printing GHS labels on demand

Chemical labels - printing

You can print chemical labels and pictograms yourself using color printers. What do you gain by doing so? The benefits are:

  • Flexibility in manufacturing. On-demand label printing makes it possible to adapt to changing needs and respond quickly to new regulations or changes in substance classification.
  • Time and money savings. Eliminating the need to outsource labels and stockpile saves time and money, especially in the case of small label quantities.
  • Compliance with the regulations. By being able to adjust the content of labels to current regulatory requirements, companies can ensure compliance with all applicable labeling regulations.
  • Customization. Printing color labels makes it possible to input additional information, company logos, or graphics to distinguish your products in the market.

Do not just print on your own, but also design using etiLABEL software

Color label printers are an effective tool for companies that must ensure compliance with chemical labeling regulations. You can easily add, delete, and edit text and graphics at any time using our proprietary etiLABEL program for designing labels. Thanks to the built-in library of pictograms, adding them is a breeze.

Find out how etiLABEL works – the programme for designing and printing labels

 If you wonder whether our offer is attractive to you as well, contact us. We will help you select the right application, demonstrate how the equipment works, and make samples for you. See for yourself what possibilities print-on-demand offers. We provide expert consulting and assistance in use.

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