etiSZOP-production management

The process management system etiSZOP is a MES-class system which supports current production process management. It is a platform which coordinates production and logistic processes from the moment of receiving the raw material from the supplier to the dispatch of finished goods to the customer. By using modern marking systems etiSZOP makes it possible to mark raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods. All the data concerning production processes such as time of manufacture, switchover, machine failures and downtime are recorded in one coherent database. The data can be used for conducting analyses, process optimisation and for production batch tracking systems (traceability). The system makes it possible to visualise the data in real time by using the operation model of synoptic tables which can be deployed in the production and warehouse halls.

  • monitoring and efficient management of production processes
  • control over and management of AGV-based intralogistic systems
  • registration of data concerning production and logistic processes
  • record and preview of product history in the tracking systems
  • visualisation of the status of process and machines on the synoptic tables
  • integration with the ERP enterprise management systems



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