Print verification systems

Print verification systems – a solution used for quality inspection of markings of products or their packaging. The task of imprint verifiers is to separate products the marking of which is incompatible with a particular template or there’s no marking. The most commonly verified are elements of markings or labels which in case of incompatibility can disturb further production or logistic process. Depending on the type of product and configuration, the device makes it possible to verify descriptions, codes and even information saved in an RFID tag. An incorrectly marked product is removed from the production line by being mechanically dropped or with the aid of blowing, and it is most frequently sent to the repair process.

  • 100% properly marked products
  • lack of complaints related to low quality of markings
  • lack of returns from customers caused by errors in product marking
  • possibility of verification of bar codes, including EAN13 and 2D codes
  • possibility of simultaneous verification of many codes



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