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TSC label printers – in the Etisoft’s offer

21 Oct 2022 - Arkadiusz Krużycki

TSC, the manufacturer of printers, has been present on the market for more than 20 years. In Poland, this Taiwanese company is slowly but effectively building its position, standing on a par with other leading brands. TSC printers are durable, robust and their range has grown significantly in recent years.

They are durable, reliable and have a two-year warranty

TSC label printers stand out because of their user-friendly design and unique durability. The proof of this is the period of warranty up to 24 months for the printer and a 12-month warranty for the print head and accessories. Add to that durability, reliability, ease of use and very low failure rate.

The wide portfolio of TSC label printers means that each of the users will find the right product for their needs, nether desktop or industrial printer. So, you will be able print:

  • price labels,
  • warning labels,
  • identification labels,
  • inventory labels and many more.
TSC printers

Which printer to choose: mobile or desktop?

Desktop printers with a width of 2 or 4 inches allow thermal or thermal transfer printing. The TDP-324W series is an excellent tool for printing wristbands. Thanks to the compact cover, they take up little space on the desk and, at the same time, they will accommodate the wristband rollers so popular on the market.

TSC printers, Etisoft offers

The TX200 series offers users far greater printing capabilities than any other printer in its class. We have a standard print head 203dpi, 300dpi and even 600dpi required when printing the smallest labels for electronic markings. A color LCD display with a multilingual menu and available communication interfaces make the device work in a free-standing mode – without the need of permanent connection to a computer.


TSPL-EZ is also equipped with internal scalable TrueType fonts (based on the Monotype® font engine), which are usually available only in more expensive printers.

The Alpha series of mobile printers enables thermal printing of documents, receipts or labels wherever you are. Wireless communication by the Bluetooth® or 802.11 a / b / g / n facilitates the integration of the product with existing user systems.

TSC industrial printers: accurate printing and high circulation of label

Industrial printers are equipped with the latest technology that guarantees precise printing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Available resolutions are 203dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi. The communication interfaces are USB, RS232, LPT, Ethernet, WiFI, Bluetooth, GPIO (digital input/output port), USB Host, Micro-SDCard. They have a built-in real-time RTC clock. BASIC interpreter is included in the standard.

The TTP-286MT series allows printing up to 8 inches. It stands out for the best price quality ratio on the market among the wide format thermal transfer printers.


The MH241T series is the best-selling series of industrial printers. Its ratio of price to the quality of the components of which it is made is magic. The printer has a hard, metal housing and can operate in a 24/7 system.


The TSC MH series printers come in a 4-inch (104 mm print) and 6-inch (168 mm print) versions.

Printers with a 4-inch head come in three resolution variants: 203 dpi MH241T, 300 dpi MH341T and 600 dpi MH641T. Whereas, in case of 6-inch printers the manufacturer offers only two resolutions: 203 dpi and 300 dpi, which is understandable.

The MH series printers can be further equipped with devices and communication ports as desired. As accessories, they have cutters for all types of material, including nylon or satin as well as rewinders and liner peelers. Also, additional ports such as the GPIO module or Wi-Fi will make our communication with the printer easier.

Despite the use of a flat print head, it is one of the fastest printers available on the market. The maximum print speed is up to 457 mm (18 ”)/second. The optionally available GPIO port enables easy integration with production lines and a button triggered printing without the use of a computer.

The MX240P series has a strong aluminum construction of its cast for high-volume printing of the highest quality labels.


Thanks to the etiLABEL application that supports all TSC printer models, the user can easily create an independent print station. Displaying the pre-print label on the LCD display will eliminate the possibility of the operator’s error.

By clicking below you will get acquainted with the possibilities of the TSC printer from the Etisoft’s offer.

For the standard configuration of MX240P printers, the user can connect a 1D or 2D barcode reader. This way, printer can verify the readability of codes on the label immediately after printing (RAP – Read After Print).

How does it work? Check here:

To summarize: TSC label printers are an affordable solution that works well in many different industries and with different labeling and identification needs. Their strong point is undoubtedly a very good value for money. If we add to this high efficiency and reliability, we gain a device that significantly improves our work and agrees with the company’s motto: “TSC – the smarter choice”.

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