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Control panels for home appliances – simple interface is sufficient to operate complex appliances

21 Feb 2023 - Mateusz Skowron

As a manufacturer of electronic equipment, you should be aware of how important it is to make it easier for users to operate appliances with intuitive and easy to learn solutions. Control panels for home appliances designed to meet the requirements of both the industry and target user play a more and more significant role in efficient management of  the functions of the appliance.

Well-conceived operation of the appliance is crucial to ensure user comfort and satisfaction. It is easy to overdo it in this respect. Overly complicated control panels can make the user feel frustrated when using the appliance. To make matters worse, misunderstanding the information contained on the control panel can result in its improper use. As a consequence, it is a simple way to damage a valuable product. This is why control panels for home appliances should be designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

What is worth taking into account when designing control panels for home appliances?

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Considering the ergonomics of the user’s work, it is worth taking into consideration a few significant aspects when preparing control panels for home appliances. The first thing to focus on is the layout of the interface visible on the panel. It should be clear and easy to learn. Next, the key issue may be the navigation layout which will make it possible to change the mode of the appliance in a few moves, using touch buttons or by smooth movement of the knob.

Third, during the design process, do not forget about the ergonomics of the whole device, which will be used, for instance, by people with disabilities or the elderly. A design-matched control panel should be easy to use, regardless of the size of the user’s hand. When the above-mentioned aspects are met, the next problem to be solved should be the material from which the control panel for the home appliance will be manufactured, because it is worth considering the conditions in which the appliance will be used to ensure at the same time high durability while maintaining the comfort of working with electronic equipment.

Control panels, while retaining functional features, should remain an aesthetic element of the electronic appliance

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Control panels for home appliances play an important aesthetic role in the overall design of the appliance. It is frequently the main element on which the eye of the user as well as persons merely appearing in the room where the electronic equipment is located is focused. Therefore, customers will expect panels to be easy to use, but also attractive to the eye, matching the design of the whole device. As a manufacturer, therefore, you should pay considerable attention to the design of your control panels to match the color scheme and style of the panel that will be consistent with the rest of the device. The aforementioned selection of the material, apart from functional and purely practical features (such as durability), should also catch the eye of the user with an original finish that complements the appearance of the whole.

Control panels – from design to finished product – ETISOFT. Check how we do it!

Control panels frequently include, in addition to the pictograms and touch buttons themselves, LED backlights of selected functions and displays. In addition, they enhance the aesthetics of the whole appliance. This provides it with a modern and stylish character, which is bound to attract the attention of potential customers. Summing up, the aesthetics of control panels for home appliances plays an equally important role in the appliance design as its functionality.

The way you approach designing control panels for home appliances is equally important as the purchased product. Apart from the design itself, the material and printing technology are significant. These technical aspects may be influenced by a variety of factors, which require specialized competence and experience to be identified correctly. Are you looking for a screen-printing house that will successfully secure your supply chain? Our experts will prepare the right offer for you taking your needs into account. You can rely on expert advice on the technical aspects of printing.

If control panels are an important element of your products and you are searching for a company with many years of experience in their production, a vision of their usefulness and a versatile machine park, contact us!

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