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Offset printing. When print run matters – part 2

14 Jun 2022 - Mateusz Skowron

Instructions for use, information leaflets constitute an inherent part of every product that is launched to the market. Thanks to them we assemble shelves and chairs, learn how to properly use the equipment described there and, what is probably the most important, what we should not do so that the device does not break down unnecessarily and fully serve its user. In the previous article I focused on the technical aspect of offset printing and tried to present the advantages of the discussed technique. In today’s article I will focus on which needs are met by printed materials of high quality and in a well-knit design.

 In today’s article you will learn:

  • How printed materials influence the way the brand is perceived
  • Whether quantity can equal quality.

Instruction for use in offset printing, or one of the elements of contact between the customer and the brand

You may, of course, have an impression that vast majority of customers right after unpacking the longed-for product will throw away the instruction for use meticulously prepared by us, no matter how much care we put into its design. Despite that gross injustice, the juice is worth the squeeze. A reliable, well-made instruction for use will be useful for those who, despite our genuine willingness, will encounter difficulties while using the device. In such cases it is not only about solving a problem of one customer, but about the image of an organization and experiences regarding the brand remembered by the user. The stakes are therefore high.

offset printing

The printing house will not solve all the problems the customer may come across while using the instruction for use or leaflet. The content of the prepared materials plays an essential role. The time spent on deciphering how to join components to make, for example a kid’s bed, will depend on the degree of its accessibility.  However, the right printing house has an impact on the quality of the print itself. If the prepared content is understandable, but the images are illegible due to poor quality printing, the whole thing will also make the customer forever remember the difficulties they had to experience.

Let me ask a question again, is it worth taking such risks?

Quantity means quality. This time

It is not uncommon that the demand for materials is too high to every time check each page of the printed instruction for use whether the print is legible enough in case of the first copy as well as the thousandth one.  The answer is the protagonist of this post, i.e., offset printing.

 As I mentioned in the previous part of the article the assumption of offset printing is to realize high-volume orders. Despite a serious disadvantage which is ordering a high number of copies of a single detail at once, this method provides a high probability of repeatability of the accepted print sample.

Offset printing in Etisoft Group

Specialists from Etisoft Group know how important it is to make a good impression on a customer even when it comes to such a tiny detail as print quality that is why offset printing is a recommended technique used for high-volume orders.  Thanks to many years of experience, we have narrowed the specialization of this method to the most needed formats on the market to provide comprehensive service to such industries as audio and video equipment, home appliances and automotive.  Our offer includes:

offset printing

Our experts will prepare the right offer for you considering your needs, not only one-offs. They will effectively advise on long-term cooperation for digital printing, offset printing and more.

If you’re going to print instructions for use that will be attached to your products and you are searching for a company with many years of experience in their production, a vision of their usefulness and a versatile machine park, contact us!

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