Honeywell label printers – overview of the offer: from desktop to industrial printers 

1 Mar 2024 - Arkadiusz Krużycki

Honeywell has a portfolio of equipment that facilitates work in virtually all industries and areas of daily life, be it manufacturing, the service industry, or highly advanced military or space technology. In this article, I will focus on the field of our interest, which is label printing and the related Honeywell offer. These are readers, terminals, and tablets, ending with Honeywell label printers thanks to which printing is possible and carried out.

And it is with printers that you should begin planning workstations. With these, you can print labels that will be used for product identification and tracking.

In the range of Honeywell products, you can easily find the right printers for your needs. Whether it is production, logistics, or retail industry, the Honeywell Auto ID portfolio provides a wide range of products, from desktop printers to semi-industrial printers to industrial printers that can operate even in the harshest conditions. In the text below, I will present the most interesting printers in the Honeywell portfolio.

Honeywell desktop label printers

The PC45D and PC45T desktop printers

Honeywell desktop label printers

For the uninitiated: the PC45D printer is a thermal printer that does not need a thermal transfer ribbon as the printing is transferred directly to thermal paper. It is a perfect solution for labeling packages in logistics. When it comes to the PC45T printer, paper labels and all types of foil labels can already be used because the printer uses thermal transfer ribbon for printing in addition to the label.

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Honeywell’s new desktop printers differ fundamentally from older models, not only in their looks. The modern design significantly enhances the style of the printer, whereas the colorful large touch panel aids in intuitive operation. It features more memory and more ports for communicating with the printer. It is available with two resolutions: 203 dpi and 300 dpi. Contrary to its predecessors, the PC45 comes with up to 24 months of warranty.

Honeywell commercial-grade industrial printers: touch panels and increased memory

Other printers with renewed design are the PD45 and PM45 commercial-grade industrial printers.

Honeywell commercial-grade industrial printers

Both printers feature touch panels and increased memory. Both have an all-metallic frame structure which makes them sturdy and durable for a long time. They are already adapted to print larger print runs. You could say that the PD45 printer is a little larger desktop printer. It is designed for larger print runs, with the optional installation of a cutter. It is available with two resolutions: 203 dpi and 300 dpi.

When it comes to the PM45, there are two options for installing accessories: a cutter and a peeler. It also supports RFID, parallel, and industrial interfaces. Unlike the above-mentioned printers, the PM45 is available with three resolutions: 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi. This makes the Honeywell label printer more versatile and prepared for operation in all industries.

Printers ready for intensive printing in industrial conditions

The PX45 and PX65 industrial printers.

Honeywell industrial printers.

The PX printer series is the next edition of Honeywell industrial printers adapted to continuous, or 24/7, operation. The printers come in two width options:

  • the PX45 (4”) – printing up to 120 mm
  • the PX65 (6”) – printing up to 170 mm.

They feature a robust metal casing, thanks to which they can operate in the harshest environments. They can print large quantities of labels in a single shift, up to 20,000 labels or more, thanks to the exceptionally good quality of the components from which the parts and sub-assemblies of the printer are made.

So, if you are searching for a printer tailored to your needs, and you also want to get high-quality consumables, contact us. You can also find another Honeywell Auto ID equipment in our offer. Additionally, we recommend etiLABEL, an original program for independent design and printing of labels, which is compatible with the printers of this manufacturer.

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Etisoft has the status of a service partner of Honeywell printers.

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