RFID mobile computers

RFID data terminals – mobile wireless devices used for collecting and processing data written into the memory of RFID tags. Contrary to standard data terminal used for servicing logistic and production processes, they include an integrated RFID antenna. Thanks to that the same processes can be conducted with greater precision and in a shorter time. They provide a possibility of reading hard to reach or invisible markings. This functionality is used for searching for specific products on the shelves in a warehouse or logistic centres. They operate on the basis of the Android system and are equipped with a broad set of communication modules, among other things, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. RFID data terminals are also used for encoding or modifying the information written in an RFID tag.  In some cases, they are equipped with code readers. The offer of RFID data terminals includes Nordic ID, Zebra, Alien Technology.

  • they facilitate the implementation of logistic and warehouse processes
  • possibility of reading many markings at the same time
  • easy reading of hard-to-reach markings
  • possibility of product tracking



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17 Dec 2021 - Dariusz J. Kawecki

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