Barcode verifiers

Code verifiers – devices intended for the control over the correctness of printed labels that contain bar codes and/or 2D codes. The code verifier is a device integrated with a thermal transfer printer which makes it possible to validate printed labels during and after printing. In case of incorrectly verified codes the label is marked and printed again. Code verifiers integrated with a label printer prove useful when there is a need to print a larger number of various codes on a label or when blocks of labels are printed and each label contains a different code. The application of verifiers in controlling printouts makes it possible to reduce the number of complaints and costs related to incorrectly printed codes on products. The offer includes Printronix and Honeywell products.

  • 100% labels with a correctly printed code
  • up to 50 codes can be verified on one label
  • code verification in compliance with the ISO standards
  • verification of the so-called “quiet zone” and checksum



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