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2 Dec 2021 - Marek Gaweł

AutoID equipment is an indispensable element of modern warehouse, production or point of sale operations. Thanks to label printers we are able to print a bar code containing crucial information and thanks to bar code readers or data terminals we are able to identify it during further internal or external logistical processes.

The design of such equipment should guarantee reliable operation in nearly all operating conditions, from the point of sale and the warehouse to harsh production conditions and operation in cold storage. Bar code readers and mobile computers have been designed to withstand drops from 1 m up to 3 m on a hard floor. This means that if a device is accidentally dropped on concrete, it will preserve all of its functional properties and still be able to operate. The IP code (International Protection Rating), in turn, defines the degree of protection against intrusion of dust or water. In the case of devices dedicated to the office or shop, the IP42 degree is sufficient. This means protection against foreign objects with a diameter above 1 mm and against water drops if the housing is tilted by 15o from the vertical. On the market we can also find ultra-rugged readers dedicated for operation in the harshest warehouse or production conditions with an IP67 rating. This means that the housing is dustproof and resistant to immersion in water for 30 minutes.

AutoID equipment service – what is covered under warranty

Each device is covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It concerns manufacturing and material defects for a specified period. The table below presents the standard warranty service periods for selected popular AutoID devices.

The table does not include warranty exceptions. In the case of wireless bar code readers or mobile computers, the warranty period for the battery is much shorter than for the whole device. On the other hand, in a label printer, the print head is regarded as a consumable part and is also subject to a different warranty period.

Additional warranty for the device – extra security

Each of the major manufacturers in their offer enables you to purchase an additional, extended warranty for your device. Thanks to an extended warranty package, the user receives, above all, safety. Safety of continuous operation, regardless of whether and how the device is damaged. By purchasing an additional warranty as well, the customer has a real impact on the reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the equipment over its lifetime.

Below is a table with a brief description of additional Zebra OneCare warranty packages.

usługi serwisowe AutoID

The Honeywell offer includes additional EDGE Services warranty packages for printers, bar code readers and mobile computers. Below are tables with a brief description of the available variants.

Extended warranty packages are not everything. The most advanced option, and this the one that is becoming increasingly popular, are on-site inspections and servicing. This type of offer for end users can only be afforded by the best entities on the market that have qualified service staff.

What are the benefits of servicing at Etisoft?

The customer can specify his own service need in the offer of Etisoft’s authorised service. Below is an abbreviated list of optional maintenance services:

  • Help Desk service, i.e., telephone technical assistance provided on working days at the designated hours
  • 24/48/36-hour response time to the reported equipment failure
  • Carrying out periodic monthly/quarterly/semi-annual inspections of the equipment listed at the customer’s site
  • Free rental of a replacement device
  • Repair of devices sent to the service within a specified time
  • Free estimation of repair costs
  • Free provision of consumables and spare parts for printers
  • Free labour costs for post-warranty repairs conducted at the service centre or at the customer’s premises
  • Free training courses for the customer’s employees.

All the available warranty and service options for AutoID devices do not exempt the user from obeying the basic rules of their use. What is more, regular maintenance and servicing of components significantly increase the life of the device. It is advisable to read the instruction manual for the given device and to seek advice on good practices from the seller.

To receive details of our maintenance offer, please send us your inquiry.


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