Rugged tablets

Industrial tablets are modern, rugged devices designed for operation in environments with heavy dust and temperature changes. Equipped with a bar code reader, RFID reader, wireless communication, they streamline work in warehouses, logistics and production area. They are used for collecting data, tracking product flow, receiving operations and inventory of goods. Rugged tablets can withstand frequent drops, they are resistant to water, dust, dirt, vibration, and shock, as well as extremely high and low temperatures. Rugged housing protects the screen, corners, and edges of the device from damage. A battery with extended life, docking stations, hand or forklift mounts and a multitude of accessories make it possible to adapt the device to your working conditions. Industrial tablets that use Android or Windows are easy and intuitive to use. Zebra’s broad range of rugged tablets allows you to select the right device for any conditions.

  • wireless communication will all units of the organization
  • replacement of paper documentation
  • access to data anywhere in the company
  • possibility to work remotely and in the field
  • integration of departments through video meetings



Tablets for special tasks

Tablets with waterproof and dustproof housings, resistant to extremely low temperatures, shock, and vibration, have been designed for use in cold stores, production halls and handling ports. Rugged industrial tablets can withstand drops that are inevitable in daily work. A touch screen, which works even when it gets wet can be operated by an operator wearing a glove. Depending on the application, the devices are equipped according to the needs and adapted to the tasks they will perform. For the warehouse, logistics or production department, the tablet can have a built-in bar code scanner and RFID reader. You can choose tablets with Windows or Android operating systems.

tablet na produkcję

Tablets for business

Tablets are more and more frequently used in every area of the company. Devices for business purposes differ from commercial ones mainly in battery life, durability, and failure-free operation. For the needs of administration, quality and sales departments, lightweight models with a suitable port to which, when need be, a code reader, keyboard or docking station stand can be plugged, are ideal. Equipped with a high-speed processor and wireless data transmission, they enable you to stay in touch with the information and people you need. Both Windows and Android versions of Zebra industrial tablets provide the right computing power.   Both operating systems make the extremely fast running application possible, which is needed in the field and on company premises.

tablet dla biznesu

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